Restaurants Invest In Technology Again

Retaurants invest in new POS

The world has been introduced to and influenced by multiple new technologies over the past few years. Mobile applications, social media, QR code technology; these technologies and more play critical roles in daily life and business operations. As a result, people are more technology-laden than ever before. In fact, even the restaurant and hospitality industry may be ready to come up to speed. Restaurants are investing in technology again, according to a recent study conducted by Hospitality Technology (HT), the only publication dedicated to covering the role of information technology in improving business performance for hotel and restaurant operators. After years of struggling in a negative business environment, restaurants report that technology investment is back.

Survey Reveals 25% of respondents will replace POS System in next 5 years

Hospitality Technology’s 2011 Restaurant Technology Study reveals that restaurant business metrics are on the upswing, and that operators are slowly investing in technology as a means of boosting efficiency and preserving capital.

“We’ve been seeing anecdotal evidence of a renewed focus on technology innovation for several months now, for everything from mobile applications to social networking integration,” said Abigail A. Lorden, Hospitality Technology’s editor-in-chief. “The results of this study give us the first hard evidence that restaurants are moving resources back into technology, and it is welcome news for the industry.”

Among the studies findings:

  • Financials and accounting continues to rank as the most important point-of-sale (POS) function.

  • Credit card swipes are the most important POS peripheral in 2011, followed by touchscreens, kitchen printers and kitchen display systems.

  • Twenty-five percent of respondents plan on replacing their POS systems in the next 5-6 years.

  • PCI DSS compliance efforts continue to gain ground, with 84% of respondents reporting that they are in compliance.

  • Facebook and Twitter are the most popular forms of e-marketing among restaurants, far surpassing SMS/text messaging.

The Restaurant Technology Study is the only study to track the last ten years of restaurant IT trends. To download a copy of the 2011 study, as well as past years’ studies, visit–An-Industry-on-the-Upswing70781.


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