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Nakajima USA is the corporate retailer of one of the world’s most beloved toys, Sanrio’s “Hello Kitty®.” To assure that Hello Kitty, and the other licensed character merchandise distributed by Nakajima USA, make their way to the homes of eager consumers, the company opted for a new Point of Sale system from Retail Anywhere.

Nakajima USA has integrated the Retail Anywhere POS solution in all of its 47 store locations, each with one to three registers. Multiple benefits have been realized, with perhaps the most significant being their ability to manage inventory control in real time. This is especially important for import stores like Nakajima USA, where inventory is coming from long distances and with longer restocking cycles. Additionally, the Retail Anywhere POS solution is designed to reduce shrinkage and prevent fraud.

Another benefit is customer satisfaction through faster service with the new POS platform. Retail Anywhere’s solution is touch-enabled, increasing the transaction speed by 30 seconds, Noted Jennifer Pearce, Director of Company Stores for Nakajima USA. Not only are customers moved through check-out more quickly, the POS solution also integrates with Mercury Payment Systems for high-speed credit card and gift card transactions. The POS solution save time while cutting costs.

An added feature of Retail Anywhere’s POS system is its ability to capture demographic data, adding notes and comments. Pearce stated, “This allows usRetailAnywhere_IBM-RA_POS_Screenshot to capture historical purchase data, so we can more effectively target our email campaigns, set up promotions such as discounts on specific product lines, then run reports to see whether the promotion was successful.” Additionally, the purchase history enables future cross-sell and up-sell opportunities for cross-channel retailing.

Retail Anywhere’s POS and retail management system is designed for mid-sized retailers, particularly those with multiple stores. Their Windows Embedded platform allows the company to be hardware-independent and run on almost any type of POS system the customer wants, which reduces training time and costs+ as store personnel do not have to learn an entire new system from scratch.

A store locator function on Nakajima USA’s Facebook page offers consumers an opportunity to print discount coupons. The Windows Embedded-based POS system provides data on the number of coupons redeemed, the average transaction, and more.

(Image: Screenshot of Retail Anywhere Software, used with permission from Retail Anywhere.)

Like other retailers currently using Retail Anywhere’s POS system, Nakajima USA sees a strong benefit in reducing the workload in its back office regarding reporting and analysis functions, providing pertinent data on sales, inventory and promotions.

Retail Anywhere was attractive to Nakajima USA as a way to manage cash flow. The up-front costs are low, and Retail Anywhere’s pay-as-you-go policy lets multiple retail stores roll out the new procedures store-by-store.

With Retail Anywhere’s POS solution for Nakajima USA, consumers can rest easy that Hello Kitty and her friends from Sanrio will be in plentiful supply for the holidays.

About Retail Anywhere
Retail Anywhere is a leader in delivering retail management systems for mid size retailers. With 25 years of experience and more than 30,000 POS installations, our retail software suite includes POS, merchandising, inventory management, customer management, business intelligence, multi-store operations, warehouse management and integrated eCommerce. The company is Certified ARTS Data Model conformant and leveraging Microsoft’s .NET and SQL technologies. Retail Anywhere solutions provide the tools and insights retailers need to optimize operations and improve profitability while delivering an enhanced customer experience across all channels. For more information, please visit http://www.retailanywhere.com.

About Nakajima USA

Nakajima USA, established in 2000, is a manufacturer of licensed plus, collectible and seasonal toys, lifestyle goods and trend character merchandise, including Hello Kitty. The company has produced an extensive range of items for global brands including Sanrio, Disney and Warner Brothers, and sells to major retailers such as Target, Toys “R” Us, Claire’s, Spencer’s and other independent and chain specialty retailers. For more information visit http://www.nakajimausa.com.

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