Retail ​Merchants​ Can​ Benefit from Proactive and Professional Data Breach Incident Response

RENO, Nev., Jan. 24, 2017 — (Business Wire) — Conformance Technologies®, a fast-growing provider of operating systems, education systems and expertise used in managing business compliance requirements, today announced enhancements to its Data Incident Management Program® for merchants. The Program offers a comprehensive suite of services and expert assistance to enrolled companies in the event of data exposure or breach. Components include data incident forensics; no cost POS equipment or software replacement; $10,000 in legal services, legal notifications and consumer notifications; and public relations management services. A year’s subscription to the Cyber Attack Readiness ToolKit™ for penetration testing and primary account number (PAN) scanning, plus Breach Defense Reviewer™ services to facilitate external website vulnerability testing have now been added to the Data Incident Management Program at no additional cost.

“Professional management and response to data incidents is critical to ensuring ongoing organizational viability,” stated Darrel Anderson, president of Conformance Technologies. “Adding penetration testing, PAN scanning and website probing services to our Data Incident Management Program enhances this unique, top-notch offering which helps merchants greatly during a breach incident,” continued Anderson. “We manage the incident from beginning to end so that merchants and their payment partners don’t have to do the work.”

Breaches have become a common everyday occurrence, putting businesses from mom-and-pop shops to big-box retailers at significant risk of a data incident. When unmanaged or improperly managed, these incidents can be catastrophic in terms of reputational damage, sanctions and mitigation costs. Conformance Technologies’ Data Incident Management Program helps merchants of all sizes react quickly, proactively and professionally, eliminating as much business harm and out-of-pocket expense as possible. Merchants gain “ease” of mind while saving time, money and reputation.

Besides helping protect merchants, the Data Incident Management Program creates significant revenue-generating opportunities for resellers and aggregators who manage groups or portfolios of businesses and consumers, including merchant acquiring and independent sales organization (ISO) entities. Typically portfolio operators charge a small monthly fee for the Program, rather than a per incident fee.


About Conformance Technologies

Conformance Technologies is a fast-growing provider of operating systems, educational systems and expertise used in managing business compliance requirements. More than 300,000 small and midsize business end-users rely on Conformance Technologies’ solutions to protect their businesses every day, both domestically and in 19 countries around the world. Available solutions include the patented PCI ToolKit®, Data Incident Management Program®, TINMatch ToolKit™, Cyber Attack Readiness ToolKit™, Payment Security Awareness System™, Breach Defense Reviewer™ and InConRadar™ which offers cost effective, real-time merchant website monitoring for fraudulent or nefarious activities.

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