Thirty Point-of-Sale Success Stories – Their Stories Relate To All Of Us

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Point-of-sale systems are critical to retail success. Businesses from fashion retail to tourist businesses have found value in POS installations.      

Toy Store Moves into E-commerce Space With Web Development Help From Celerant Technology – The Toy Space, Inc. had been successful with its brick-and-mortar presence, but it wanted to generate revenue through its website. Celerant Technology was asked to convert its static website into an interactive point-of-sale that has expanded reach and increased revenues. Now, customers worldwide are able to quickly navigate product offerings to find the right toy.

Mobile Computing Helps Pasta Making Operation Reduce Errors and Increase Productivity – Steve Simonovich transformed his small Italian deli into the Santa Cruz Pasta Factory, distributing fresh pasta products to its customers throughout the San Francisco Bay area . But the transition was filled with errors costing hundreds of dollars each month due to manual processes. Using the Intermec CN50 handheld barcode readers, deliveries are more efficient, reducing onsite time from 40 minutes to 20 minutes.

IPad POS Means Surf’s Up for Saturday’s NYC – Enthusiasts of the surfing lifestyle can shop at Saturday’s NYC for everything from wetsuits to high-end coffee. Co-owner Morgan Collett was looking for a Mac-based mobile POS solution to provide sales associates. The LightSpeed for iPad application was the perfect solution, with the power of a PC-based system and the aesthetic appeal Apple is known for.

POS and E-commerce Combine to Sell Footwear – The Shoe Gallery recently broke into E-commerce after opening stores in Georgia, Oklahoma and Mississippi. The design and functionality of its website were developed using Celerant’s web technology. Now, the company is able to integrate POS and website sales, and couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

A well known restaurant in Chicago, famous for its deep-dish pizza found the answer to organized growth with this POS hospitality solution.

Radioactive Pharmaceutical Barcoded to Ensure Tracking Accuracy – The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization’s division, which develops radioactive pharmaceutical products, must meet stringent inventory control compliance standards for radioactive stock. Paper-based records and hand-entered data input were leaving too much to chance when it came to maintaining compliance. And it faced a variety of database and production management challenges. The Organization found a barcode-based collaboration between SAP and BarTender that eliminated most of these issues and provided enhanced compatibility with local and international regulatory agencies.

Delta Airlines Global Services Sees Value in Mobile Handheld Scanners – Providing wheelchair assistance at the Delta Airlines hub in Memphis means assisting anywhere from 100 to 250 passengers while trying to turn over 100 planes in 70 minutes. Delta Airlines Global Services decided to test Intermec’s CS40 handheld mobile computers that can scan boarding passes at the gate and manage movement of passengers and agents. The test was such a success that DGS plans to widen its implementation to other airports.

Customized POS Displays Can Dramatically Increase Revenue – Schafer Solutions has made a living from designing and manufacturing unique point of sale displays for retailers, state lottery agencies and others. Its business model, design capabilities and manufacturing process contribute to attractive POS solutions that help stimulate sales.

Epson’s POS Label Printer Proves to be a Valuable Asset for Energy Healing Company – The challenge for GEMFormulas Natural Remedies was to find a POS label printer that could adapt with its growing line of energy healing products. Owner Isabelle Morton not only needed a versatile, on-demand color inkjet printer that could print POS labels quickly at her office, but she needed the solution to be affordable for a small yet growing business.

Sports Retailer Improves Website Conversions Using a Popular POS Vendor – Fontana Sports, with two locations in Wisconsin, was having success with its e-commerce site, but it was looking for a fresh redesign that would improve existing functionality and increase the site’s conversion rate. The company turned to Celerant’s web team to provide the upgrade. Now, advanced navigational tools facilitate browsing ease and overall site usability.

Karate Studio Puts a Kick Into Long Checkout Lines – The American Karate Studio converted from a non-profit supported by local child welfare programs to a commercial enterprise charging consumers directly. But operating without an efficient POS solution left customers waiting in line weekly to pay for its after-school martial arts program. So the studio installed a Quickbooks-based platform, the Intuit PaymentNetwork, a POS payment processing solution that generates invoices and accepts weekly payments without having to swipe credit cards and delay parents picking up their children. Now, bookkeeping, invoicing and payment processing can all be done without making parents wait in line.

Ciggys4Less gets a Scalable Point-of-sale System – Until recently, franchisees of Ciggys4Less stores were relying on an older POS system that would not support additional growth successfully. According to district manager Justin Hepburn, “We needed a POS system that could handle many stores and would also allow customization at each location.” Executives looked to solve eight important point-of-sale challenges with one solution. The POS Prophet Systems solution offered management customization for each store, real-time sharing of data, and an integrated e-commerce and store system.

Tobacco Products Retailer Strengthens its Inventory Control – Managing a three store, single warehouse operation could mean problems for Mr. Bill’s Pipe and Tobacco in Las Vegas. Inventory control and sales transaction management were two areas that needed improvement. Retail POS consultant Software Advice pointed management to a well known company, which installed the new solution, and moved all the retailer’s data to a centralized, secure location.

Chicago-area Gas Delivery Company Reports Significant Savings From Online POS System – Fuel delivery to over 300 gas stations was becoming a headache for one gas distribution company. According to McMahon Cartage VP John McMahon, “A gas station owner called the distributor; then the distributor called us and we entered the load into the system; finally, we called the driver to give him the information. Each delivery had to go through four people before it made it to the driver.” Problems with delivery mistakes led to paycheck reductions of up to $30,000 for billing inaccuracy. Thanks to an online order system and handheld Zebra portable printers, delivery accuracy has improved. The company has significantly reduced errors and saved 50% of time on the ordering process.

Celerant’s Command Retail Software Enables Rodeo Gear Retailer to Flourish at Annual Event – The Wranglers National Finals Rodeo at MGM Grand Hotel and Casino was the perfect event to sell rodeo-related apparel, accessories, home furnishings and more for Texas-based National Roper’s Supply/David’s Western Store. The trick was to find a point-of-sale system that could merge checkout lanes, vendor booths and customer service registers with its e-commerce site, store, warehouse and call center. The Celerant solution worked great at the event, leading to widespread adoption for the rodeo retailer.

Grocer Improves Service and Operations With Integrated POS Solution – A popular family-owned grocery chain in Alabama had built its reputation on a simple philosophy: provide outstanding customer service and good things will follow. In order to fulfill that philosophy, it needed to find a POS system that would connect checkout stations with its supply chain database. After a year-long evaluation phase, Bruce’s Foodland Stores settled on a POS and back-end solution, the LOC Store Management Suite. The system includes point-of-sale functionality, advanced maintenance, purchasing, DSD, integrated credit, mobile controllers, and gift card management.  Bruce’s was also able to consolidate communication and reporting with all stores via SMS Host provided by DCR.

Swiss Farms Convenience Stores Expands With Microsoft’s Dynamic AX for Retail – In order to implement an end-to-end integrated database and point of sale solution, Swiss Farms chose to install Microsoft’s retail POS release after weeks of evaluation.

4 Must-read POS Retail Stories – Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Clara’s Tidbits, The Toy Space, Hershey’s and Crayola have enjoyed multiple benefits from the implementation of cutting-edge POS systems. See how these brands have deployed POS technology to improve operations and satisfy customers.

Proof of Delivery Much Easier For Respiratory Supply Company – Following the decision to implement a mobile barcode POD solution to track its medical supply inventory, Family Respiratory and Medical Supply Corporation saw significant improvement in receiving time and inventory control. On top of that, it reduced delivery paperwork by 90%.

From Paper to Cloud: Optical Retailer Transitions its CRM and POS Systems – Wise Eyes Optical in central Pennsylvania spent six months working with For Your Information Technologies to migrate its archaic, paper-based inventory control system to an automated bar code platform that streamlined customer interactions and sales.

Citrus Grower Tracks Each Fruit With Barcode System – The Produce Traceability Initiative has posed challenges for produce suppliers and food processors globally. In California, LoBue Citrus, a 78 year-old orange grower, needed to track its annual four-to-five million oranges from field to fork. Barcode technology proved to be the answer for the citrus farm. Software from FoodLogic now enables the company to print labels and scan food items with mobile Intermec SR30 barcode scanners.

How Retailers Can Succeed During the Holiday Season – Point of Sale News has gathered a few holiday success ideas for point-of-sale retailers. These stories address in-store beacons, integrating POS and virtual shopping, and the best ways for consumers to save money in 2015.  

Retail Management System a Perfect Fit for Candy Retailer – I T’SUGAR, with 20 candy stores and 15 outlets, has over 9,700 SKUs to manage and issues up to 4,000 purchase orders each year. If any retailer is ready for a retail management system to translate POS transactions to corporate business information, it’s IT’SUGAR. The confection retailer looked to POSitive Technology to replace its existing system with Microsoft Dynamics RMS. Touchscreen registers, Epson thermal printers and Magellan scales are now a perfect solution for the company.

Vend Integrates a POS Solution With Shopify That Solves a Clothing Retailer’s Online and Store Integration – RAYGUN has been manufacturing uniquely stamped apparel since 2005. The problem was: the company was having difficulty integrating its two brick-and-mortar locations with its e-commerce site. The first solution was to use third-party programs, but the systems did not communicate well. So RAYGUN engaged Vend, a POS systems integrator, who upgraded the company’s system.

Brewer Finds a Robust, On-premise POS Application to Integrate With NetSuite Platform – Northern Brewer found that its web-based point-of-sale system was inadequate for expansion and vulnerable to downtime. Retail Anywhere offered a solution that combined POS capability with a cloud backup functionality that eliminated downtime and worked well with NetSuite.

Consignment Store Point-of-sale Needs Not an Easy Fix – With more than 25,000 unique items in each store that turn over an average of every 30-45 days, Buffalo Exchange co-owner Rebecca Block knew she had to automate before growing further to avoid an accounting nightmare. For Block, the issue was further complicated by a lack of SKU uniformity and a significant base of cash buyers. The answer would come from a customized version of Celerant Technology’s Command Central platform.

Firearm Sales Tracking Made Easier – Barney’s Police Supply must comply with a specific regulation that few other retailers must adhere to. The firearms and tactical supplies store must register all gun purchases with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and complete background checks on its customers. With its old POS system, Barney’s was faced with multiple manual entries each time a firearm was sold. Thankfully, there was a turnkey point-of-sale platform that “fit the bill”. The system allows shop associates to enter customer information only once, rather than two separate entries for transactions and background checks.

Black Hills Aerial Adventures Tourist Company – Black Hills Aerial Adventures transports its customers on a helicopter tour of U.S. national monuments. The owners were looking for a point-of-sale solution that could connect its three hubs with the administrative office and combine POS transactions with an online reservation and booking program. This company found the answer.

NYC Fashion Retailer Controls Shrinkage With POS Software – City Jeans, a New York City footwear and apparel retailer, wanted a streamlined solution that would lower shrinkage (lost product) and produce “efficiencies in reporting, profitability, and cutting of human resource hours”. The company was running over 20 hardware terminals across nearly a dozen locations. A new installation of the Pioneer POS S-Line improved inventory management, and was up and running in a matter of days.

CodeBroker Study Shows Significant Mobile Coupon Redemption – White-label mobile POS provider CodeBroker wanted to show its customers how effectively mobile coupons were for its customers. The study revealed several compelling results including a sizeable increase in redemptions when SMS (text) and email are combined. Check out the mobile coupon redemption rates its retail clients experienced.

Visual Retail Plus (VRP) just keeps on coming out with large state of the art POS installations, incorporating Pioneer POS touchscreen computers and the full suite of VRP retail POS software for another rapidly expanding retail chain. Hili Shrem,Director of Business Development at Hackensack, NJ based VRP recently was pleased to reveal another successful installation for America’s Kids, a thriving retail store that sells youth and children clothing, furniture, and accessories.

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