Retailers: Bust Those Long Holiday Lines


To have a busy retail store with mobs of customers beating down your door is every retailer’s dream, but what happens if you can’t service your visitors fast enough and then they go away and possibly never come back?

In a recent survey conducted, 74% of consumers felt that waiting for more than 10 minutes was unreasonable. Wait times were more important to buyers than PRICE of merchandise. Waiting in line was amongst the top 3 things that were considered to be “annoying time wasters” including being put on hold and waiting in traffic. *

Many retailers are not aware of “Line Busters” which are mobile hardware devices available for considerably less than the hardware otherwise used behind the counter. These are simple devices designed specifically to handle simple transactions or issue a slip to speed up your trip to the cash register. Investing in line busters to improve customer service through the holidays is a cost effective and beneficial investment. When you have a stationary point of sale, you are locked in, but with a line buster or mobile point of sale you can center the experience around the customer.

A variety of methods can be employed, from scanning items and handing a slip to buyers in line intended to speed up the transaction once they reach the cash register.   Retailers can even take a completely mobile approach where transactions can be done from anywhere in the store at any point. Mobile includes many additional features such as the ability to pull up available stock, colors, and product information while out and about in the store. Contact your point of sale provider to find out more.

In the age of immediate gratification, agility is key for retailers big and small. And most retailers agree that one of their major goals for the immediate future is to better service their customers.

If you are concerned about traffic flows and lost sales through the holidays, consider investing in line busters. Think of it as a present to yourself and your customers.


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