Retrieving Lost POS Data: A Forensic Approach


More than 100 resellers are using a new digital forensics process to supplement their existing managed backup service for Point of Sale systems on Mac. It’s called Background Backup, and its proprietary technology is forensic in nature by reading data patterns to identify threats and determine if lost or corrupted data can actually be restored.

In a recent statement, Sean Costello, CEO of Background Backup, explained his personal experiences as a strong motivator for developing this new backup software. Costello has been a consultant in the IT field for 20 years, and says that he has seen hundreds of cases where critical data was irretrievable from internally managed systems following a loss or deletion event. “It could be an incorrect installation, configuration, hardware failure or change to the network,” he says. “Whatever the cause, we wanted to insure that customer data was protected, so we developed a digital data forensic process to warn us when something in the protection system doesn’t look right.”

Background Backup was developed with an eye for vertical market integration, and is appropriate for legal, retail, hospitality and other vertical business systems in North America. The software is sold through authorized distributors who serve in both the delivery and data retrieval functions.

Core business data is an obvious asset, and, as Costello notes, “Every record and transaction is critical, so nothing is more important than protecting that asset.”

With the Small Business Administration reporting that 90 percent of companies go out of business within two years of a failed restoration, this extra level of technology and service is vital. Industry sources report that 34% of companies do not test their backups, and for those that do, an alarming number fail to restore.

Background Backup protection is designed not only for hardware/software failure but also human errors. Whether a customer accidentally deletes files, faces a catastrophic system failure, or encounters natural disaster or theft, the company is confident that data can be restored.

“With Background Backup, we added business grade backup services to most of our customers,” states Jeff Barrett, CEO of MacMedics Canada, an Apple Certified consultancy servicing and supporting small business owners for over 14 years. “For clients with large amounts of data, we send a seed drive to initialize the backup process. That way the backup starts working immediately with just the changes to client data. The most important thing about our managed backup service is that when clients have deleted file folders or lost a hard drive, the team at Background Backup has always restored their data.”

For businesses, security is paramount.  If a system failure can result in business failure, backup is incredibly important.  Have you backed up your crucial business data?  If not, are you prepared to risk a catastrophic event for both you and your business should something go awry?

About Background Backup

Background Backup is a managed cloud backup and data protection solution for line of business applications on the Mac Platform. Sold through Authorized Solution providers, Integrators and MSPs Background Backup encrypts, protects and backs up data for legal, retail, hospitality and other vertical business systems on both Mac and PC platforms across the enterprise and multiple locations. Info at or 800-286-5371.

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