RevCascade Launches Influencer Commerce Platform “Souler”

NEW YORK–()–Today, RevCascade, the premiere platform powering dropship programs for retailers and brands, unveiled Souler, a new commerce platform that allows influencers to sell their favorite products to their followers through their own dedicated online storefront. Free for both approved brands and influencers, Souler opens a new revenue opportunity for both brands and influencers. Via Souler, influencers can sell their favorite products without the burden of managing physical inventory or the complexities of building their own ecommerce site, including processing orders and managing customer service. Souler has launched with over 100 influencers with their own curated store currently on the platform, reaching millions of consumers, featuring more than 40 brands available through the RevCascade network.

“Souler is enabling influencers to harness the power of their consumer reach to become the next major e-commerce channel while giving high end brands the opportunity dramatically grow their ecommerce revenues,” said Josh Wexler, Co-Founder and CEO of RevCascade. “Souler connects the dots between brands and influencers, by making the experience seamless for consumers who want to purchase products featured by their favorite influencers. It also opens a new revenue stream for brands by broadening their distribution to consumers,” Co-Founder Andrea Tobin continued.

Brands who sell items through Souler maintain total control of the influencers they choose to work with as well as all product pricing and merchandising. Once approved, brands can go live in as fast as 24 hours by utilizing the RevCascade suite of services including product management, merchandising, real-time inventory updates, transaction management, and custom reports. Souler gives brands the opportunity to broaden their distribution network, gain new customers, and increase revenue.

Through Souler, influencers can quickly and easily create their own storefront by selecting products directly from their approved brands. Influencers are then able to offer their social media following a personally curated store with end to end functionality powered by RevCascade’s dropship technology.

Launched in 2016, RevCascade’s dropship platform enables e-commerce sites to offer an extended aisle of products – giving their customers an enhanced selection – without the inventory risk. It also grants access to specially curated merchandise from new brands and existing brands, additional categories, as well as exclusive and one-of-a-kind products from designers around the globe.

About RevCascade

RevCascade is powering a massive new e-commerce revenue stream for both brands and retailers via its dropship platform. The Company has developed a simple, yet powerful and scalable platform that enables brands to easily plug in to hundreds of e-commerce sites through one integration, while also enabling retailers to launch, operate, and scale their own dropship program. By automating what was previously a manual and inefficient process, RevCascade’s technology platform is helping both brands and retailers leverage the massive and growing $700 billion global market opportunity that exists through dropship today.

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