Revel Systems Announces Integration with Expensify

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (May 24, 2016) — Revel Systems, the world’s leading iPad Point of Sale management solution for brick-and-mortar retail, food businesses and more, today announced they are integrating with Expensify, the fastest growing expense reporting software worldwide.

Revel is the first ever point-of-sale [POS] system that Expensify has chosen to integrate with due to their advanced features and seamless customer experience. By integrating with Expensify, Revel is giving end users who are purchasing goods and services from a Revel client’s point-of-sale the ability to send receipts directly into Expensify, skipping the inbox entirely.

“This integration came about because we wanted to partner with a point-of-sale platform that is transforming the way people operate their business. Through Revel’s open API, we were able to easily integrate with the system, making it the best and most natural choice for our first integration,” says David Barrett, founder and CEO of Expensify.

Upon forwarding the receipt to Expensify from Revel’s POS, the merchant name, date and receipt amount are immediately SmartScanned with Expensify’s patented OCR technology, creating an associated expense within Expensify. Transactions made with debit or credit cards will then be auto-categorized. Currently, 13 of Revel’s clients have turned on the integration.

“This feature is easy to implement and it helps my customers transfer their business expenses automatically into reports. The partnership shows that Revel and Expensify are two companies that care about their clients and how they can stand apart from their competitors,” says Oussama Mannaa , owner of Soma Eats, a cafe in downtown San Francisco and Revel client.  Read the full release here


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