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LONDON–()–It would be an understatement to say women face more obstacles than men when it comes to creating startups in a male-dominated tech world. According to the latest data obtained by BizVibe, just 17% of start-ups founders in 2017 were female, and this number is lower when you specifically look for female tech startups. With more women in technology building multimillion-dollar startups and the increasing number of funding from VC’s, angel investors, and crowd funders focusing on female-founded startups, the percentage of female founders of tech companies has the potential to rise significantly soon.

BizVibe is home to more than 7 million companies around the world, including many in the tech industry. In a recent article titled Top 5 Female-Founded Tech Startup Companies, BizVibe identifies the top female tech entrepreneurs and their successful ventures, paving the way for the future. Here are a few of BizVibe’s top female-founded technology startups.

Top 5 Female-Founded Tech Startups Disrupting the Market in 2017

5. Levo: Co-founded by Caroline Ghosn and Amanda Pouchot, Levo is an international community of like-minded young professionals, role models, and innovating companies. Users can create a free profile to connect with millions of members across thirty different cities. Currently, Levo has more than 9 million members.

4. Revel Systems: This startup lists Cinnabon, Shell, and Chobani amongst its customers. Revel’s iPad-based point-of-sale system is transforming how brick-and-mortar stores operate. It was co-founded by Lisa Falzone and Chris Ciabarra, though both moved on from the company in February 2017. The company’s estimated value is now over USD 500 million.

3. Front: Led by Mathilde Collin, this startup allows you and your team to collaborate on email responses using a shared inbox. It also offers analytics and reporting features. Front makes communications with customers easier and more effective and enhances collaboration across an organization.

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