Revionics Expands its Retailer Footprint in Latin America, Addition of Drogaria Araujo

AUSTIN, Texas, July 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Drogaria Araujo, a longtime Brazilian drugstore pioneer with more than 160 stores in Minas Gerais, has selected Revionics Price Suite, Revionics Promotion Suite and Analytics Services to deliver powerful value proposition and compelling, profitable offers for its customers.

A beloved Minas Gerais brand since 1906, Drogaria Araujo is known for being a bold market innovator: it was the first company in Brazil to open a drugstore, the first to offer 24-hour service, the first to provide home delivery and the first to offer drive-through services. That spirit of customer-focused innovation led Araujo to seek world-class price and promotion management and optimization capabilities.

Using Revionics® Price Suite and Advanced Analytics including Key Value Item Analysis, Store Zone Clustering, Competitive Response Analysis and Item Strategy Position Analysis, Araujo is replacing its legacy price optimization as it seeks to be more responsive to fast-changing customer, market and competitive trends while enhancing its brand image and driving top-line sales.

In addition, the company is also implementing Revionics Promotion Suite and Promotion Performance Analysis to gain analytical insights into its promotions, providing customers with targeted offers while protecting gross margins and profits.

“In the midst of a slowing economy and rising inflation, it is more important than ever to offer our customers a competitive price image and create more localized, profitable promotions,” said Bruno Araujo, Commercial Director at Drogaria Araujo. “Our rigorous search for a platform to execute customer-centric pricing strategies with precision, zone-based segmentation and a more dynamic approach to price and promotion management led us straight to Revionics.”

“Drogaria Araujo holds a special place in the hearts of the people of Minas Gerais, and we are honored to forge a partnership with this market innovator to deliver mineiros targeted, value-focused pricing and promotions on the items they love,” said Revionics CEO Marc H. Hafner. “With the addition of Araujo, we continue to expand our footprint in Latin America, bringing proven solutions to a dynamic and rapidly evolving region. We’re pleased to see the importance of pricing and promotions and the impact it can have on the company’s overall business performance and margins.”

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About Drogaria Araujo

In Belo Horizonte, wherever you are there is an Araujo near you. With 110 years of history and 160 stores in all regions of the city, including additional cities like Betim, Contagem, Lagoa Santa, Nova Lima, Pedro Leopoldo, Ribeirao das Neves, Sabara, Santa Luzia, Sete Lagoas and Vespasiano, and about 20,000 items available, Araujo is synonymous with trust and convenience in the lives of the people of Minas Gerais, serving 45 million people per year.

This success story is also a story of pioneering spirit and commitment to the customer: the city’s first 24-hour store, the first telephone support team, the first drugstore in the country and the first drive-through service. When it comes to innovation and services that make our customers’ lives better, Araujo is always there first. In Araujo you always find quality drugs with a guarantee of origin, a low-price guarantee, guaranteed variety and in-stock.

No wonder the company is the absolute leader in the minds and hearts of mineiros; in 2016, it was the winner of the 21st edition of the Top of Mind award from Common Market magazine. For the 8th consecutive year, Araujo Drugstore was the most remembered brand among mineiros, making it the Top of the Top award. Also, for the 16th year, Araujo is the most remembered brand in the segment Excellence – Drugstore / Pharmacy, with 77%. This means that out of 10 people interviewed, more than 7 have Araujo as the first brand that comes to mind.

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