RFID For Retail and Wholesale- Seventeen Real Life Applications

rfid cruise ship

Radio frequency identification technology is showing up in nearly every type of retail and wholesale organization. You’re sure to find an application for your industry in our collection of RFID articles.

RFID Wristbands For Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships

The Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas cruise ship is known for its high-tech amenities. Adding an RFID wristband system for passengers seemed like a no-brainer, so the company partnered with ASSA ABLOY Hospitality to enable passengers to accomplish tasks, check meal accounts, and gain access to areas like private spas. Check out the ways this system is replacing traditional keycards and providing an extra layer of security.

RFID Readers Deliver Enhanced Inventory Management For Retailers

Retailers throughout Great Britain improve in-store mobility and real-time inventory visibility. The UHF RFID readers enable users to connect their Bluetooth wireless devices to inventory management systems, thereby maximizing investment and improving ROI. Read more about how effective this solution has been.

One Button RFID Tracking Across 50 Construction Sites

Equipment scheduling is often a challenge for construction and engineering firms when they’re managing multiple sites. The Ludwig Pfeiffer structural and civil engineering GmbH & CoKG selected an RFID solution that provides data synchronization, enabling the firm to capture critical DIN ISO 9000 and SCC required data and manage equipment movement across 50 construction sites. Find out about the firm’s experience following implementation.

RFID To Help Customers Clean Up With Automated Car Wash

Although car wash outlets and gas stations may not seem to have competitive advantages over nearby competitors, customer service and convenience still reign as key differentiators. In order to strengthen its appeal to customers, this facility installed an innovative RFID system to provide a fully automated, self-serve car wash using tamper-resistant RFID tags. How does it provide a “fluid revenue stream”? Check out this compelling use case.

RFID Used To Track Weapons During Annual Show

The eagerly anticipated International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference introduced the latest innovations in weaponry. For the security of exhibitors, attendees, and conference staff, all weapons vendors were required to register and store guns in the conference armory. Show organizers needed an effective gun tracking system that would enable vendors to quickly register and retrieve show inventory each day. See how an RFID solution enabled staff to easily manage a robust inventory.

Best Practices For A Successful RFID Implementation

Barcoding, Inc., an RFID systems integrator with over 15 years of experience has several recommendations for evaluating the need for and determining the implementation of RFID UHF systems. Check out six key recommended steps and view the entire list of best practices.

Advances In RFID Tracking for Meatpackers

For livestock supply chains, lifecycle tracking is a critical function that requires accuracy and efficiency. RFID technology provides a simple yet effective solution. RFID tracking systems ensure that information can be easily shared up and down the supply chain. Find out how RFID enables meatpackers to accomplish their two primary goals by deploying solutions inside the packing plant and across producers.

Using RFID Means No Lost Art For Dealers, Collectors

In recent years, art theft has become a big problem for galleries, museums, and art collectors. Many have installed camera systems to reduce their risk. But some art dealers are turning to RFID and barcode tracking systems to protect assets from being sold on the “black market”. A vendor developed an asset management and theft deterrent system that enables swift inventory management and lowers risk of damage during identification. See how quickly one art dealer was able to inventory over 300 paintings in a 30,000 square-foot gallery.

‘DogBone’ RFID Tags Track Evacuee’s Pets And Medical Assets In Texas

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita proved to be challenging beyond their initial destruction. Many of the nearly three million evacuees struggled to find lost or stolen medical assets like wheelchairs and, worse, family pets. The Texas Governor’s Division of Emergency Management knew they needed to find an answer for future disasters. Check out how the agency implemented the country’s first statewide citizen evacuation system using RFID solutions.

RFID At Carwash Drives Loyalty Program and Repeat Business

According to the International Carwash Association, over 100,000 autos are cleaned at carwash facilities each year. How do owners get drivers to come back to their locations? Many implement a loyalty program. But competition is fierce, so any steps to improve convenience likely improves their chances at retaining loyal customers. Thankfully, RFID tags can enable higher car counts and dollar-per-car income. Find out how one California franchise separated itself from the pack.

RFID Boosts Retail File Tracking Solution and Streamlines Operations While Bulking Up Bottom Line

File tracking can be a big challenge for several industries including healthcare, legal, and financial providers. For example, one intellectual property law firm based in Washington, D.C. handles in excess of 1,200 files per day. The firm needed a tool to improve file management across both physical and digital files. Could a records management solution be the answer? Find out in this informative case study.

Live Forever With RFID Technology

Radio frequency identification is extending our connection with loved ones who’ve shuffled off this mortal coil. Objecs, LLC. has brought RFID to grave markers by embedding a hyperlink on headstones that can be accessed by tapping an NFD-RFID cellphone, snapping a photo, or manually entering the URL. Once accessed, the URL shares a person’s life history. Read about out how the Personal Rosetta Stone works in this unique story.

RFID Speeds Lumber Distribution And Accuracy

If you’ve ever wondered how you can achieve a 99% shipping order accuracy, look at how one distributor implemented an RFID work-in-process inventory management system to accomplish that goal. Among the benefits Cox Industries experienced were increases in productivity and inventory turns, cost savings, and improved quality control.

RFID – What Is It And How Does It Work?

Looking for a quick primer on radio frequency identification technology? This quick read will educate you on how an RFID system works, RFID tags and Smart Labels, and RFID applications.

RFID Improves Point-of-Sale For Apparel Stores – Video Feature

American Apparel has been on the front edge of electronic article surveillance, but the apparel retailer sought to replace its EAS system with and RFID solution. See how Xterprise’s Advanced Retail Solution enabled AA to manage inventory better, expedite sales, and improve overall productivity.

RFID Catching More Scammers On The Slopes

The Vail Resort in Colorado needed a way to prevent ski lift scammers from getting free runs on the slopes. By embedding RFID tags into ski passes, the resort enabled lift operators to quickly identify paying customers by name, height, weight, and image. Read the full story on its “smart” ski ticketing system.

Track My Linens (RFID)

Hotels have been losing towels, sheets, and pillow cases for years without the ability to recoup these items. Now, Linen tracking with RFID allows hotel operators to manage their inventories in real time. How does it work? Check out this short read discussing this valuable system.


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