Run a Loyalty Program Through inCust and Beat the Competition

It is not a secret that returning customers make the 80% of the income for most businesses. And how would one increase the return rate? Loyalty programs of different kinds are the answer. However, traditional loyalty programs are expensive, as one needs to issue plastic cards and install specialized hardware to process them.

inCust offers a software-as-a-service solution for any business that works with customers. The service lets everyone, from the street seller to the large nation-wide company run the loyalty program with flexible rules and terms within just 15 minutes and avoid investments into cards and hardware.

inCust-based loyalty programs use the phone number as a primary customer identifier, so no cards are required (though possible as an option). The mobile app on a customer’s smartphone can be an alternative source of identification. No custom hardware is needed as well, as the salesperson’s terminal is the app on Android tablet or iPad.

A loyalty program works much more efficiently when customers are contacted by businesses proactively. inCust offers several communication channels, from SMS to smartphone push notifications to mobile app news stream, which let businesses talk to customers and hear customer voice as well.

Talking to customers is a powerful weapon on competitive markets, which both increases profits and boosts recognition of the business among the customers.

The flexible platform offers bonus points and discounts with customizable rules, lets one implement prepaid services (subscriptions), and has many nice features that make your loyalty program stand out of the crowd.

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inCust Inc. is a Virginia (US) more

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