SafetyPay and VTEX sign a global agreement for electronic commerce

SAO PAULO, Dec. 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — SafetyPay, a platform for cash payments, and VTEX, a leading technology company in electronic commerce and a pioneer in the marketing of software as a service (SaaS), signed a global partnership agreement to provide solutions for e-commerce companies. SafetyPay also just received certification for an international partnership from VTEX.

The agreement, which has already been signed, will benefit more than 2,000 clients on e-commerce platforms throughout Latin America, the USA and Europe. In Europe, the companies are already active in Spain, one of the strategic countries for the companies’ growth in the region. Through SafetyPay services, online stores increase their channels for receiving payment, offering consumers more options to conclude their purchases, whether via online transfer or cash payment, through lottery outlets or banks.

“VTEX is a strategic partner. Since we signed the first agreement in 2014, we have implemented projects with the most renowned online retail operators in Brazil. The internationalization of our partnership will open up new opportunities in the various markets where we are already present, or where we will be present in the future,” said Luiz Antonio Sacco, Chief Executive Office of SafetyPay for Latin America.

With activities in 21 countries, SafetyPay is a Fintech that combines innovation and safe payment options, including consumers in the world of e-commerce. The company develops solutions that allow clients who do not have a credit card to make purchases using Internet banking. It also allows people without a bank account to be able to make payments in physical establishments, such as lottery outlets in Brazil, or in convenience stores in other countries where the company is present. In Brazil, the solution is an excellent option to the traditional bank voucher, which will undergo significant operating changes and changes in tariffs that may be applied by banks in Brazil starting in 2017, when these documents must be registered.

In electronic commerce, credit cards are already generally well distributed, but according to the World Bank, there are still nearly two billion people all over the planet who do not have a bank account, representing more than 40% of the economically active population. “Bringing this audience new methods of payment so that they can enjoy the experience of acquiring products and services is one of the objectives of SafetyPay,” Luiz said.

“Having SafetyPay as part of the launch of our global program is very strategic,” affirmed Livia Soares, who is responsible for the strategic partnerships of VTEX. “Our goal is to make our clients more competitive by offering them more alternatives, so that they can increase their sales volume and create positive operating impacts with lower costs, lower inventory, and more agility in confirming purchases,” the executive said.


SafetyPay is a company that combines finance and technology (Fintech), and uses its experience and knowledge in the area to carry out online financial and cash operations in 21 countries. With more than 100 banks qualified worldwide, the technology was launched in 2007 and is available in Latin America, the United States, Europe and Canada. It is a secure online payment method that allows cash sales from multiple service channels, such as e-commerce or via call centers for clients who wish to pay using Internet banking from their banks, or for clients who do not have bank accounts, through lottery outlets.

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