Sage Launches Mobile Payment Product with No Incremental Transaction Fees


Small and midsized business owners fed up with high transaction fees, and looking to implement a mobile payment processing system can now rejoice. Sage Payment Solutions has just released a new offering, Sage Mobile Payments, that allows SMBs to accept credit and debit cards via mobile computing devices like smartphones and tablets such as the iPad. The service is available across all major wireless carriers, is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant and comes bundled with a Sage merchant account. There is a nominal setup fee, and a monthly fee (starting at $10.95). There is NO incremental mobile processing or transaction fee.

“SMBs need to look at total cost of ownership when it comes to selecting a mobile payments solution,” said Greg Hammermaster, president of Sage Payment Solutions. “Some competing mobile payments offerings add 1 percent plus upwards of 37 cents to the processing fees, which can easily turn into well over $130 in extra fees for every $10,000 in credit card volume. While this pricing is good for individuals that don’t process a lot of credit card transactions, it can be quite costly for businesses using their mobile device to process credit cards on a regular basis.”

Sage Mobile Payments ia PCI compliant, adhering to the highest possible industry standards. All customer data is encrypted before leaving the customers cell phone and no personal data is retained on the phone or mobile computing device.

Soon, Sage Mobile Payments will integrate with Sage Exchange, a secure, Payment Card Industry (PCI) certified payments platform that automatically updates Sage-developed accounting, enterprise resource planning (ERP), fundraising, medical practice management, and billing and time tracking systems with payments data. This works to eliminate the time, effort and inaccuracy associated with manual data entry. Sage Exchange also integrates with a number of third-party business management products and services.

“A business of virtually any size can benefit from the ability to process mobile payments,” said Sanjeev Aggarwal, founder and partner of The SMB Group. “From larger companies with employees in the field, to micro-businesses exhibiting at trade fairs, all need to process payments and do business on-the-go. Sage Payment Solutions seems to have figured out that mobile payment products are business tools, not gadgets. The company is providing small and midsized businesses with an affordable solution, without charging a premium for using it.”

Sage Mobile Payments has come to market due to a partnership announced in October 2010 between Sage Payment Solutions and ROAM Data, an industry leader in mobile commerce solutions. The product works with Apple’s iPhone and iPad, Motorola’s DROID phones, and Research in Motion’s BlackBerry, plus hundreds of other mobile devices.

Using Sage Mobile Payments, businesses and organizations can:

  • Quickly and securely process credit and debit card orders, with real-time authorization;

  • Use an optional low-cost, secure card reader;

  • Log cash orders, download reports online, and email receipts to their customers;

  • Rapidly change applications or add features to mobile apps that may benefit them; and

  • Experience seamless integration with their Sage accounting, ERP, fundraising products, plus other third-party products.

Pricing and Availability
Sage Mobile Payments is currently available for U.S. businesses and organizations with a Sage Payment Solutions merchant account. Sage Mobile Payments is being offered for a nominal set-up fee, a monthly fee as low as $10.95, and no incremental mobile processing or transaction fees.

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