Harbortouch POS for Salon and Spa

Point of Sale System for Salon, Spa and Beauty Business

Harbortouch ONYX POS designed specifically for Spa and Beauty Salon environment. No matter what kind of operation you own, whether it’s a spa, barber shop store, beauty salon, specialty store or any other retail location – we have all the POS features you need at an unbeatable price!

Harbortouch Retail POS Benefits

Every retail business that needs an easy-to-use and robust POS solution. Streamline your operations with best-in-class retail POS software and hardware.  Get powerful features that will save you time and money, and help make you more profitable while running your business more smoothly.

  • No Upfront Costs
  • Lifetime Hardware Warranty
  • Free Menu Programming
  • Free Onsite Installation
  • 24/7 Award Winning Support
  • Free Paper Supplies

Harbortouch Salon and Spa POS Reporting

Advanced point of sale system is designed for salons, spas.

Powerful Reporting

Advanced reporting features let you take full control of salon and spa inventory and operations.

Sales Reports

  • Sales by Department, Sales by Employee
  • Sales by Vendor, Sales by Brand, Sales by SKU
  • Best & Worst Sellers, Gross Profit, Hourly/daily/weekly/monthly sales and much more available!

Customer Reports

  • Customer list and summary
  • Sort customers by name, Sort customers by $ spent
  • Sort customers purchase date, Customer A/R and store credit and much more!

Vendor Reports

  • Vendor list, Vendor payments, Vendor profit analysis
  • Sort vendors by brand, Sort vendors by contact, Sort vendors by name and much more!

Inventory Reports

  • Catalog listing by name, Catalog listing by description
  • Catalog listing by product #, Catalog listing by SKU, Inventory below par
  • Sort inventory by department, Sort inventory by vendor, Sort inventory by brand and much more!

Inventory management

Whether you need basic inventory control or a complex inventory matrix with multiple attributes such as size, color or style, Harbortouch makes tracking stock a snap.

Purchase order creation

Always know the on-hand quantity of inventory items and set up automatic purchase order (PO) creation when stock reaches a pre-defined threshold – never run out of your best sellers.

Employee management

From tracking hours with a built-in time clock to rewarding your rock star staff with employee commissions, Harbortouch’s retail POS software makes tracking productivity and labor costs a cinch.

Layaway program

Are inventory sales slumping on big-ticket items? Give customers the ultimate payment flexibility with a layaway program and sell more stock.


If your retail POS can only process sales, you’re missing out on some serious rental revenue and turning renters into regulars.


If resale is part of your business model, you already know it’s not one-size-fits-all when it comes to retail POS systems — with Harbortouch’s retail POS you can sell and resell.

Loyalty program

Instantly create customer profiles, track purchase history, and collect contact information for personalized marketing campaigns and special promotions.

Gift registry

Offering a personalized customer experience like creating a gift registry for milestone moments such as weddings, graduations, or baby showers will set your small business apart from the competition.

Payment processing

From swiping credit and debit cards to handling secure EMV transactions, Apple pay, Samsung Pay, NFC contactless payments, and gift cards, Harbortouch lets you give customers the freedom to choose their preferred payment method.

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POS System for Spa nad Beauty Salon

Take control of your beauty business with powerful, real-time POS reports and invaluable analytics that will help you make smarter, data-driven decisions. Harbortouch ONYX  is a POS system designed specifically for Spa and Salon environments. No matter what kind of operation you own, whether it’s a spa, barbershop, specialty store or any other retail location – it is the POS with features you need at an unbeatable price!
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