ScanSource Giving You a New Way to Charge It

ScanSource Keeping It Green With EV Charging Station

In business as in life, the best way to get ahead and stay there is to ‘do the right thing’. In some cases the ‘right thing’ is Universal, but most of the decisions we make are personal. So, often the ‘right thing’ is relative. To determine what is right for us, we test each decision against our own system of core beliefs. Successful people construct their core beliefs consciously and use them to guide their decision-making.

This concept is true for companies as well. The core belief system of a company is its brand. Successful companies do not diverge from their identities. This facilitates goal-setting and decision-making. When a company is clear about its own identity, the public’s perception of it is also clear. This is a successful brand.

A case in point is ScanSource, Inc. The company ranks #881 on the Fortune 1000. ScanSource, Inc. operates as a wholesale distributor of specialty technology products, providing distribution sales and services to resellers in the specialty technology markets, including automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) and point-of-sale (POS) solutions through its ScanSource POS & Barcoding sales unit; voice, video and converged communications equipment through its Catalyst Telecom and ScanSource Communications sales units; and electronic security solutions through its ScanSource Security sales unit.

The company consistently does ‘the right thing’. Last year, ScanSource created a comprehensive program designed to create a culture of environmental responsibility throughout its offices worldwide. The program, aptly names ScanSource360, includes a corporate-wide recycling program, an organic garden benefitting Harvest Hope, as well as many other waste reduction and recycling efforts.

Now, the company has partnered with Greenville-based Thurso Thurso Power Systems, LLC, a provider of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS or EVSE), to install a ChargePoint® Networked Charging Station at its Greenville headquarters. The charging station will enable anyone using the facility (ScanSource employees, vendors and customers) who currently drive, or are considering driving, electric vehicles (EV) to have convenient access to a state-of-the-art charging infrastructure, while also promoting the benefits of environmentally friendly vehicles. The charging station will also be available to the general public free of charge. The installation of the charging station is one more way for ScanSource to promote environmental awareness and enhance its corporate green initiative.

ScanSource, Inc. CEO Mike Baur has been a strong proponent of clean electric powered transportation and a long-time owner of an EV. “As electric vehicles gain prevalence, the need for charging stations in convenient locations becomes a necessity. And by installing the charging station at ScanSource, we hope to continue to promote the benefits of utilizing clean air technology in transportation and other areas, while also delivering an added convenience to our EV driving employees and customers,” said Baur.

Thurso Power’s attractive and user-friendly charging stations provide convenience and reliability to EV drivers, as well as the ability to track and report the benefits associated with EV charging. The ScanSource ChargePoint® station is distributed by NovaCharge, LLC and manufactured by Coulomb Technologies, a leader in EV Charging stations. The station is network enabled, allowing users to check station availability online at , while providing remote management and 24/7 monitoring of the station usage.

Brian Edens, President of Thurso Power Systems, conservationist and avid outdoorsman, stated,  “Thurso Power Systems is delighted to have been selected as the solution provider for EV Charging Infrastructure for ScanSource. As electric vehicles become more available, it is critical to develop an alternate charging infrastructure to reduce ‘range anxiety’ for early adopters. In addition, ScanSource and Thurso share a commitment to supporting the country’s domestic energy independence efforts.  Hopefully other businesses will join us in this effort,” said Edens.

ScanSource joins the growing list of companies installing charging stations in South Carolina and across the country. Other companies installing EV charging stations include Walgreens, Best Buy, Cracker Barrel and Meijer. There is even news of a lone West Virginia McDonald’s with an EV charging station.

Just as individual leaders must be role models, leading companies also assume this role. As the growing need for domestic power and ecological practices continues, we will see more and more leaders making a stand in favor of these important issues.


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