Seamless Expands Turnkey Delivery Service to New York City’s Outer Boroughs

NEW YORK, April 13, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Seamless, the iconic New York City food ordering and delivery platform, has launched its turnkey delivery service in the outer boroughs of New York City. Diners are benefitting from the ability of the vast, reliable driver network to deliver food from the most local favorites and top-rated restaurants in about 30 minutes. Concurrently, restaurants are reaping the benefits of exposure to more Seamless diners and a reliable service; they are seeing a significant increase in order volume and gross food sales. 

For example, Seamless’ turnkey delivery service enabled Alta Trattoria in Brooklyn to double their order volume in just over two months. Additionally, the beloved Italian restaurant achieved an increase of 98 percent in gross food sales during that same time period.   

“New York is the mecca of food delivery, and that’s in large part because Seamless transformed online and mobile ordering in the city,” said Matt Maloney, CEO of Seamless. “But the city’s takeout culture extends far beyond Manhattan to the outer boroughs, where some of today’s most unique and innovative restaurants are making amazing food. We’re proud to bring fast, professional delivery to restaurants in Brooklyn and Astoria that did not previously operate their own service, and to bring more local favorites to our outer borough diners.” 

Through Seamless’ turnkey delivery service, restaurants in Brooklyn and Astoria can expand their customer base by tapping into the company’s massive New York City diner network and grow their order volume by utilizing the company’s on-the-ground network of delivery drivers. The Seamless online and mobile ordering platform connects New York City diners with more than 11,000 local restaurants. 

With the addition of its turnkey delivery service, Seamless is managing delivery for some of the hottest restaurants in the outer boroughs, and is growing its coverage rapidly. In February alone, Seamless’ network of outer borough delivery restaurant partners grew by 32 percent, while gross food sales increased by 57 percent.

“Our goal is to make delicious food and keep customers coming back for more,” said Keizo Shimamoto, owner of The Original Ramen Burger. “With Seamless, we love that our customers can now enjoy our iconic Ramen Burgers in our restaurant or from the comfort of their own home.”

Seamless delivers tremendous benefits to restaurants and diners. 

Diners benefit from:

  • Choice: We connect diners with the nation’s largest restaurant network, which includes more than 40,000 of the best restaurants across the country. 
  • No Mark-Ups: We do not pad menu prices. Diners can rest assured that they are paying the same prices as if they ordered directly from the restaurant and all fees are clearly presented. 
  • Low Fees: We offer industry low delivery fees of $1.50-3.00 nationwide, versus most others at more than $5. 
  • Transparency: We empower diners with the ability to customize and control each order to meet their dietary needs. 
  • Service: We take care of our diners; every order is backed by our diner-focused, 24/7 Care team.

Restaurants benefit from:

  • More Orders: We drive significant order volume. Restaurants receive an average of 30 percent more takeout orders during their first year on the platform. 
  • Broadest Reach: We connect restaurants with our industry-leading network of more than 6.7 million diners. 
  • High ROI: We enable restaurants to participate on our platform with low risk and no up-front cost. 
  • Efficiency: We drive efficiency for restaurant partners; ordering via Seamless is 50 percent more efficient than ordering via phone.

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