Security At Heart Of New Receipt Printing Solution

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Able Systems is aiming to eradicate the security concerns of consumers with the launch of the world’s first dedicated mPOS (mobile point of sale) printing solution whilst, at the same time, providing a significant incremental income opportunity for mPOS Card Reader providers.

The small printer solutions specialist has revealed the newest product in its portable printing portfolio, the Ap1600, compatible with any existing mPOS set up across any retail environment.

Recent independent research from YouGov has revealed that over 80 per cent of customers cited security as a major concern when performing an MPOS transaction. Many shoppers feel wary when prompted to enter their pin number into a tablet or non-traditional chip and pin device, particularly as incidents of fraud and security breaches have recently been highly prevalent in the press. Being able to offer a printed receipt with the transaction can make a huge difference in providing reassurance to the customer. In fact, there have been many instances where retailers have ceased using mPOS directly because of consumer dissatisfaction of not being offered a printed receipt or having to hand over their email address in order to be sent a ‘soft’ copy.

The Ap1600 provides a portable, wireless and cost-effective printing solution that is able to connect to all mPOS solutions. Retailers are able to download an app to a smartphone or tablet which connects to the printer using cloud-based software, meaning customer data is encrypted and stored on the cloud – rather than on the device itself.

Derek Way, Managing Director at Able Systems, comments:

“Providing a simple receipt of transaction is an important requirement for many consumers, particularly in recent times where the appearance of newer cost-effect technologies such as mPOS can put customers off making a payment, often purely because of their appearance, which is typically different to that of a traditional till.

“Being able to offer a printed receipt can improve the perceived credibility of the business significantly as well as increasing customer confidence, retention and future sales.”

For mPOS providers, the Ap1600 can also provide an additional revenue stream. Able Systems is able to supply the product using the same pricing models already in place for the provision of card readers to retail merchants, minimising the entry to retailers in the process.


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