Blockchain Will Reshape Industries Around The World And Eliminate Intermediaries

SAN FRANCISCO–()–Blockchain technology will redefine the business processes of many industries, cutting out the traditional middlemen and attracting a new breed of investors who will compete against venture capitalists to fund the most promising new applications, according to a research report by SharesPost.

Cryptocurrencies were the first successful implementation of blockchain technology, but industries from banking and payments to health care and real estate to video gaming and government will benefit from blockchain technology, according to the new, 33-page report by Rohit Kulkarni, Managing Director and Head of Research of SharesPost, Inc.

“Cryptocurrencies are just the beginning of a blockchain revolution that will transform virtually every industry that has traditionally relied on middlemen,” said Kulkarni. “The technology has the potential to reorder markets and industries, just as the Internet did at the turn of the 21st century. As important, the opportunities to fund blockchain applications are enormous. We’re already seeing new types of investors race ahead as traditional venture capital firms continue to allocate only marginal capital to this space.”

Since 2016, there have been more than 150 investments in U.S.-based blockchain startups by venture capital firms, crypto-focused funds, and corporate VC investment arms. The report said significant amount of capital will flow to companies that are commercializing the technology beyond cryptocurrencies.

On page 21, the report lists the firms with the most blockchain investments. Digital Currency Group is No. 1 with 44 investments, followed by Pantera and Blockchain Capital, each with 10. Draper Associates and Andressen Horowitz, two of the world’s most well-known venture firms, each have funded nine companies.

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