Shopgate Introduces New Live Chat Feature and Customer Satisfaction Rates for Retailers

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 8, 2017 — Shopgate, Inc., the leading SaaS shopping app platform, announced its new in-app live chat capability, powered by Intercom, designed to take mobile shopping apps to the next level in personalization and engagement. With this in-app chat feature, Shopgate gives its customers more control and organization for their mobile shopping app needs, significantly improving conversation and customer satisfaction rates, and helping merchants and retailers run their stores more efficiently. 

For example, through the use of Intercom Live Chat, a mobile shopper can click the “chat” tab to contact the retailer on their own terms. The Intercom Live Chat feature can also be set to have the app automatically send a message to the shopper asking if they need live assistance.

Shopgate’s new chat feature also helps its retailers stay more organized by assigning shoppers with customer care team members based on languages spoken and types of questions asked. Retailers are also given access to customer care teams’ inboxes to see which team members are helping which mobile app shoppers. These tools provide retailers a more efficient and enhanced structure than most traditional customer hotlines and service pages.

Even behind the modern services of an app, online shoppers still value a more personalized engagement to make it feel more like an in-store shopping experience. Key benefits of the live chat box includes:

  • Improved conversion rate by 20%. Live chat gives shoppers a little extra push to turn a visit into a sale. By guiding app visitors through the payment process and reducing cart abandonment, the chat tool can significantly improve conversion rates.
  • Increased customer satisfaction rate by 73%. According to Econsultancy, email increases customer satisfaction by 61 percent and phone support by 44 percent. Live chat dominates both platforms in making customers happy by increasing customer satisfaction rates by 73 percent. 

“We are excited to provide our customers with a new live chat feature to help turn app visitors into loyal customers,” said Marc Biel, CEO, Shopgate. “With this new tool, Shopgate allows retailers to proactively engage customers right in their apps, providing unparalleled real-time communication, which leads to more satisfied customers, and higher conversion rates.”

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