Sionic Mobile Supercharges its ION Commerce Engine With IBM Watson Analytics

Partners and merchants gain edge with new, data-driven insight to fuel growth, engage customers and build loyalty

ATLANTA – Dec. 15, 2016 –Sionic Mobile today announced its award-winning ION Commerce Engine (ICE) now features automated data analysis and data-driven dashboards powered by IBM Watson Analytics, enabling partners and retailers to better engageand connect with millions of Mobile Rewards App users nationwide. 

Sionic Mobile’s ICE mobile payments and loyalty platform combines an extensiveGeoSensebeacon network with powerful market insights, enabling merchants to develop highly effective mobile marketing and loyalty campaigns to drive awareness and generatemore frequent app usage. The new analytics component provides actionable data in a user-friendly environment helping businesses identify customer spending traits, loyaltyand transaction trends, as well as market and demographic data.  

“We’re providing retailers a robust, intuitive mobile commerce platform without the complexities normally associated with this level of analytics,”said Ronald Herman, CEO and founder of Sionic Mobile. “Other platforms in the market tout AI capabilities, promising retailers a wealth of data to drive sales and boost revenue. In reality, most retailers lack the resources required to perform intricate analysisof often cryptic, inaccessible data, and instead of artificial intelligence, are left with artificial ignorance. Incorporating IBM Watson Analytics with our proven loyalty and payments commerce engine will be a game changer for retailers that will not onlyamplify customer engagment and the overall user experience, but will provide a significant edge in a crowded mobile marketplace.”

Sionic Mobile’s ICE platform is integrated with popular payment terminals and POS systems for enterprise clients, supports mobile payments from mostany iOS or Android device and any bank-issued credit or debit card.

About Sionic Mobile 

Midtown Atlanta-based Sionic Mobile,a cloud-based mobile commerce company, provides white-label mobile pay and loyalty applications to partners and clients delivering rewards, savings and perks to millions of mobile consumers.  The award-winning ION Commerce Engine (ICE) and Company-owned, GeoSense iBeaconnetwork drives greater adoption and more frequent app use for partners and merchants.  The ICE platform features IBM Watson Analytics for partners and clients. The Company also operates the nation’s fastest growing Mobile Rewards Marketplace, comprised oflarge chain retailers and small businesses alike.  Merchants pay a small fee when mobile customers pay with their app and the Company shares the fee with partners. Small business merchants useION Loyalty weband mobile apps to join the Mobile Rewards Marketplace. Visit

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