Sizer Launches New Sizer-Lite Recommendation Engine to Bring Retailers’ Size Charts to Life

HERZLIYA, Israel, May 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ —

Most online stores provide size guides for their customers, yet shoppers are often left confused by retailers’ ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Retailers often fail to take factors like differing proportions into account, which may correlate to completely different clothing sizes. Garment measurements often do not match up to the store’s size guides, meaning online shopping can be a frustrating affair.

Sizer is an interactive size recommendation platform, designed to take the guesswork out of online shopping. The company has recently launched a new Recommendation Engine that it calls Sizer-Lite, that easily integrates with retailers and e-commerce platforms by bringing their size charts to life. For retailers, Sizer-Lite is available with almost zero set-up and opens an opportunity to engage with their shoppers.

This new addition to Sizer’s existing Premium Recommendation Engine doesn’t provide quite the accuracy as the Premium version, but allows retailers to test the app and gain further knowledge in the field. After extensive testing, the app has proven to be more accurate than online size charts and is predicted to reduce the rate of returns on online orders by about 5%. However, while the Premium Engine requires additional retailer engagement, it does provide the highest level of accuracy at 95% between shopper and garment.
With the Sizer app, shoppers can measure themselves in less than two minutes by simply using the camera on their mobile device. Sizer then provides accurate 3D body measurements by walking the user through a simple set of poses while capturing images in real time. A lack of consistency in sizing between different retailers can also be a source of confusion for shoppers; Sizer gives the customer a size recommendation that is tailored to the specific retailer and garment size guide.
“Using our unique algorithm, we are easily able to provide shoppers with a size recommendation that overcomes the conflicting measurements for different parts of the body, currently the primary factor that makes size charts so difficult to use in the first place. In effect, this brings the retailers’ size charts to life and makes them easily accessible to shoppers,” says Adam Kaplan, Sizer CEO.About SizerSizer brings fashion and technology together with its easy-to-use application and web tool. Guided by its desire to take the guessing out of shopping, Sizer seeks to eliminate the frustration that comes with purchasing clothes that don’t quite fit.  Sizer provides shoppers with the confidence of knowing that whatever they buy online will always fit, while providing retailers with an end-to-end solution that will build customer engagement, increase online sales and optimize offline-online customer behaviour.
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