SkyMode Among the First E-commerce Solutions to Support Apple Pay on the Web

SEATTLE, Nov. 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — SkyMode™, a revolutionary mobile e-commerce platform empowering retailers to sell to their customers with one touch on the mobile device, announced today its integration of Apple Pay on the Web. Apple Pay on the Web further enhances SkyMode’s platform by letting shoppers purchase using their stored Apple payment profile. Apple Pay on the Web, in addition to other digital wallets, complements SkyMode’s in-house one-touch purchase technology, increasing conversion rates and boosting loyalty for retailers.

US mobile e-commerce sales are forecast to exceed $335 billion annually and represent more than half of all e-commerce transactions by 20201, according to eMarketer. Apple Pay for the Web, which has quickly become the 4th most popular online payment platform2, and similar solutions, such as Google’s soon-to-be-available Android Pay, help increase conversion rates at the point of payment and are the first in a series of needed innovations to enhance the mobile purchase experience for retailers and their customers and close the mobile monetization gap.

“Apple Pay on the Web is an incredible improvement for the 45% of people using an Apple device, but with so many competing payment options, why should retailers limit themselves to a single digital wallet?,” said Dave Siegfried, SkyMode Co Founder. “SkyMode processes the credit cards we all know and love, but it also provides businesses with a blend of the best digital wallets, like Apple Pay on the Web, alongside SkyMode’s existing stored payment technology. Essentially, SkyMode creates a universal wallet making one touch payment functionality available to all of a business’ customers.”

Streamlined online payment technology is one component of the broader seamless SkyMode purchase experience. SkyMode sits alongside existing ERP infrastructure and provides an end-to-end mobile e-commerce solution by equipping businesses with a secure, cloud-based software platform that delivers one-touch product offers via any digital medium, such as e-mail, social or text-message. SkyMode’s One Touch Offers™ combines promotion and purchase in a frictionless experience, allowing a retailer to communicate and immediately transact with their customers directly from their promotional content regardless of the device used.

About SkyMode 
SkyMode is an entirely new approach to mobile e-commerce that provides businesses with a powerful and flexible technology platform enabling customers to purchase products with one touch on a mobile device. As a cloud-based platform, SkyMode sits on top of existing technology allowing for quick integration and no changes to existing infrastructure. As a business-branded, easy-to-use, white-label solution, SkyMode’s cross-platform mobile ordering interface empowers companies to deliver secure and immediate one-touch transactions.

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