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                 Spork in the Road

The rapid evolution of mobile technology, including smartphones, tablets, mobile credit card readers and mobile applications, has been revolutionizing the point of sale industry, putting affordable, user-friendly, and effective point of sale tools within reach of start-ups and small businesses.

Registroid, of Registroid LLC, is a Point of Sale system for Android mobile devices that has proven to be an effective tool for a variety of small business owners. Registroid is now offered in two versions. Registroid Pro is cash register app for a single device, with all POS data contained on the device. Registroid Cloud is a premier cash register app that works on multiple devices, includes back office, data synchronization, and POS peripheral connections, and stores POS data securely online for easy backup and instant access. Registroid Cloud offers a free 15 day full function trial.

Mobile cash register apps like Registroid are great solutions for businesses on the go. Here are a few examples of businesses that are making use of the Registroid mobile POS app.

Spork in the Road, Food Trailer Business

William Joyner operates a food truck business in Canyon Lake, Texas. He says, “We researched many point if sale options when we started our food trailer business, we wanted minimal start up costs and a system that could grow along with our business. With Registroid Cloud we found the free trial period to be very valuable as we developed our menu and trained our staff. The sales and inventory reports allow us to plan and prep just enough food and supplies to meet the needs of our growing customer base. All in all, Registroid POS combined with the power of the cloud has proven to be a flexible and economical choice for us.”

Arm the Animals Apparel, T-Shirt Sales

Arm the Animals, based in Long Beach, California, is a small apparel company that supports animal rescue. Matthew Heinemeyer, CEO, describes their experience with Registroid Cloud.

“We are a small apparel company that has tripled in size over the past six months. We were exclusively an ecommerce business, but decided to open two full-time retail kiosks in shopping malls and begin attending social events as vendors on every weekend. Since then we have increased our inventory holdings three-fold and have hired 10 new employees to help us manage our new retail locations. Up to this point, we had been using Square Up on smart phones, but we knew this would not serve our post-expansion needs by a long shot, so we then began looking for cloud-based POS solutions that could be run on a series of Samsung tablets.

“We expected to make a very large investment in an enterprise level solution.  We needed an easy-to-use POS interface that any new employee could learn in an hour, that allowed one-touch item selections/sales while also providing master inventory database functions, reporting tools, employee log-ins, and the ability to interface with peripherals such as printers and cash drawers – all while running across 5 different devices simultaneously.

“We were very pleasantly surprised to discover that Registroid Cloud offered all of these functions in one–a very affordable, elegant, turn-key solution. The system is incredibly intuitive and the set-up was totally painless; in the span of one afternoon I was able to configure our entire inventory of over 200 SKUs while also synching all of our devices and making them commerce ready. As far as POS systems go for small/medium sized businesses, I would absolutely recommend Registroid as a solution. ”

Haskins Family Farm, Farmers Market 

        Haskins Farmily Farm

Robert Haskins runs Haskins Family Farm in Middletown, Virgina. He says,

“We have been using Registroid Pro for our business since almost the day it was released by Registroid. It has all of the functionality we need in a cash register for selling our meats at the farmers markets, including fractional items, buttons for products, integration with a credit card processor (Square), an easy to use interface, along with many other useful features.

“The fact that it runs on Android means it is available on many different platforms, including leading HTC phones and Samsung tablets.

“Customers are very impressed by the use of technology such as Registroid running on the Android tablet and will often inquire as to what the application is, keeping them engaged and interested in my business. My fellow vendors at the farmers markets often ask about Registroid, and at least one vendor has purchased it because of my recommendation.”

Coffee for a Cause

Coffee For a Cause, Coffee Drive Up

Brad Hopkins operates a coffee drive up and walk-up business in Easton, Maryland. Bean was opened one year ago, offering craft brewed coffee, tea and health smoothies. They dedicate 10% of gross sales each month to a different local non-profit.

He says, “Registroid Pro is very simple, straightforward and easy to use. It’s feature-laden reporting tools are perfect as a tablet-based POS solution for our simple little business. We use Square to take and process credit cards, as it integrates with Registroid seamlessly.”

Pisoma Kitchen, Restaurant

Jill Anderson owns a start-up restaurant in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota, a small midwestern town. It is a small driven, quick

                 Pisoma Kitchen

service restaurant with seasonal menus and fresh, made-from-scratch food.

They use Registroid Cloud with a tablet computer on their order counter. Anderson says, “During lunch service I can use my smartphone as a mobile POS station, so call-in and pre-order customers can bypass the line and go straight to the pick-up counter and pay. We use Square Up for credit card processing, which is integrated with Registroid. I can also take the tablet straight to the tables for the customers that can’t stand in line.

“I use the reports to help plan my next menu, compare sales over time, control inventory, create new items and layout the register buttons. I can check my sales numbers at any time without having to print out reports.

“Registroid fits into our eco-friendly mission. We have completely eliminated the need for paper receipts and reports. Our customers can get their receipts emailed directly to them, and my reports can be emailed to me, as well. It has also made it easier to make quick changes to pricing, items, etc. This allows us to run spur-of-the-moment social media specials to use up excess inventories.”


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