Small, Green Receipt Printer Ideal for Commercial Kitchens

fujitsu green receipt printer

Space, in commercial kitchens, pharmaceutical weigh stations, and any other point of sale environment, is a commodity. Bulky receipt printers are known for wasting this space. Fujitsu Component America Inc, has addressed this problem with the release of smaller receipt printer. The company is calling the new FP-1000 printer the smallest and most cost-effective point-of-sale receipt printer to date. It is about 15 percent smaller than other comparable printers.

The FP-1000 printer is compact at 144(W) x184(D) x 120(H)mm. This smaller footprint is designed for industrial receipt applications such as commercial kitchens,medical/pharmaceutical printing and weigh stations. It prints small text, specialized fonts, graphics, and 1D and 2D barcodes with 203 dpi resolution at180 mm/sec speeds.

The printer mechanism measures in at only 3 inches, and maintains a life of 60 million lines. An integrated paper feed and built-in paper guide support selectable paper widths (58mm and 80mm) and paper rolls up to 83mm in diameter.

To adapt to the requirements of the market, Fujitsu equipped the new stand alone printer with additional ‘kitchen’ functions:

  • Buzzer sounds when printing the order sheet. (selection of 5 kind of sounds possible)
  • Splash proof (transparent) cover on top of the printer (optional).
  • Wall mount bracket (optional).

The FP-1000 is classified as a ‘super green product’ according to the Fujitsu Group’s environmental standard, meaning that it demonstrates an advanced level of environmental consideration in energy conservation and 3R design/technologies.

Availability The Fujitsu FP-1000 is available now at $179 at 1,000-pieces. Delivery is stock to 14 weeks ARO.

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