Specialty Leather Retailer Replaces Disparate Systems With One Vendor

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The Company

Ghurka is a privately held, specialty retailer headquartered in New York, N.Y. that has served as a symbol of superior American leather craftsmanship since 1975. Founded in Norwalk, Conn., Ghurka specializes in leather business cases and travel bags and is as much an international as it is national brand. Ghurka currently operates its own retail stores in addition to e-commerce, wholesale shop-n-shops at some of the finest menswear stores, and select Nordstrom locations. ghurka mobile

The Opportunity

Ghurka’s leading retail and revenue channel is e-commerce and one of its biggest challenges was that it was struggling to connect with crucial trading partners. Additionally, the retailer was using a variety of software vendors that were loosely integrated, which was creating numerous manual processes and lack of data integrity.

“One of our biggest challenges as a business was that we were using a different vendor for every one of our business applications. We had a separate point of sales system, we had a separate order management system, a separate warehouse management system, a separate system for wholesale, and none of these systems knew how to intelligently speak to each other,” said Sellman.

Ghurka realized that in order to strengthen its existing presence and drive more traffic to boost revenue, it was going to need to re-valuate its current systems and determine a solution that would best fit the company’s needs.

Enspire Commerce’s Solution

From Enspire Commerce’s experience, bridging the critical gaps in omni-channel commerce enables small to mid-market retailers, like Ghurka, distributors and 3rd Party Logistics Providers (3PLs) to transcend traditional transaction based selling to deliver customer-focused commerce. Upon examining Ghurka’s business practices and processes, they quickly noticed that Ghurka was using a number of systems.

It was suggested that an Enterprise Commerce Management platform was necessary in order to combine multiple systems into one and reduce the complexity of integration within Ghurka’s business.

ghurka retailThe primary focus for Ghurka was e-commerce orders. Ghurka needed to be able to differentiate order fulfillment methods and effectively manage all order and item information (including: vendor relationships, data transfer, file management, carrier selection, tracking and reporting) in real-time. Enspire’s solution to this problem was to implement its proprietary order management and trading partner platform. This system quickly allowed the company to effortlessly aggregate, translate and exchange data between trading partners and integrate various business documents like invoices, orders, shipments and more into a single platform.

The Results

First and foremost, they  provided an organizational framework for Ghurka that set the company up for success in the coming years. Ghurka previously lacked the organization and the-know-how in professional expertise to organize its business systems. ghurka leather

One of the quick wins that Ghurka experienced early on was with electronic data interchange (EDI). Enspire Commerce rapidly pinpointed issues and priorities from top to bottom and delivered a tailored, reliable, easy to use Trading Partner Management solution. Ghurka was able to quickly leverage the solution and process EDI orders with a very large retailer in a very short amount of time, which was something Ghurka had not been able to do with its previous partner.

“Enspire Commerce clearly demonstrated to us that they have the staff, technology and the know-how to grow an omni-channel business,” said Sellman.

About Enspire Commerce

Enspire Commerce enables small to mid-market retailers, distributors and 3rd Party Logistics Providers (3PLs) to transcend traditional transaction-based selling to deliver customer-focused commerce via the retail industry’s only cloud-based Enterprise Commerce Management (ECM) solution on a single platform. The ECM platform features a multi-tenant architecture integration framework that allows seamless interactions between retailers and their suppliers, logistics partners, stores and customers. The software suite includes: retail engagement (POS), advanced order management, product information master (PIM), trading partner management (TPM), and e-commerce solutions that deliver a unified customer brand experience.


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