STANLEY Security Launches Four New Solutions at ASIS 2016

 NOBLESVILLE, IN – (September 12, 2016) – STANLEY Security, a leading global manufacturer and integrator of comprehensive security solutions, will unveil several advanced, customized technologies and solutions at the 62nd Annual ASIS International, including: two key enhancements to its STANLEY Insights™ Analytics Solutions Software; a wearable alert-activation button for the STANLEY Guard® Personal Safety app; and a stand-alone solution for protecting consumer card data from skimming attacks.  

STANLEY Security continues to develop innovative technology that provides critical solutions to higher education facilities, businesses, retailers and financial institutions.  As a leader in the security industry, STANLEY Security remains focused on safeguarding their customers and businesses, alike.  With the ability to gather insight into security, marketing and operations, businesses can continue to increase their security operations and enhance their customer’s experience. 

“The flexibility of these offerings allow our customers to leverage some of the solutions they already utilize to ensure they are keeping themselves, their customers and their businesses safe and secure,” said Dave Bhattacharjee, Vice President Data Analytics, STANLEY Security.  “We continue to improve and enhance our portfolio of STANLEY Security products and services to offer the best possible innovative solutions, demonstrating our ability to enable our customers to optimize their business performance, while continuing our commitment to excellence.”   

STANLEY Security is unveiling the following technologies and solutions at ASIS International 2016, September 12 – 15 in Orlando, Fla.:

STANLEY Insights Non-Scan Identification to Identify Loss and Enhance Margin 

            With the multiple irregularities that can occur during a retailer’s point-of-sale (POS) process – including common cashier errors, sweet-hearting, and irregular refunding/voiding/ discounting – businesses will benefit from solutions that help mitigate losses, which saves time and money, while improving efficiencies and operations.  The new Non-Scan Identification Technology for STANLEY Insights combines advanced video and data analytics to existing point of sale video and data streams identifying irregularities that other systems may miss and detecting losses as they occur.  This technology provides retailers, whether it’s a grocery store, fashion outlet or large department store, the ability to gather POS data from a variety of POS configurations and all types of register transactions in order to detect and report non-scanning activity.  With retailers wanting to improve their profitability and customer experience, STANLEY Insights Non-Scan Identification provides businesses with key performance measures that help advance security, operations and loss prevention, while enhancing margin.

STANLEY Insights with Access Control Analytics to Maximize Operational Efficiency

            Many organizations do not adequately leverage the data collected from their access control platforms, leaving valuable data underutilized.  STANLEY Insights with Access Control Analytics is an addition to the STANLEY Insights portfolio that helps businesses take a proactive stance on safety by utilizing their access control data, as well as other data sources, to improve situational awareness and increase operational efficiency.  Leveraging STANLEY Insights with Access Control Analytics, users can reduce information overload by filtering out false alarms so the focus can remain on events most relevant to a company’s security operations.  With a clear view of the pertinent access control data, STANLEY Insights allows users to easily produce graphical compliance reports and push notifications to create a dynamic view of operations and compliance.  Utilizing filterable dashboards, users can focus on high risk events, equipment failure, employee behavior and more.  Additionally, users can leverage algorithmic risk planning by pulling together information from various sources to gain insight and draw conclusions on the operations of their business.  By having the ability to fully utilize their access control data, businesses can leverage valuable information in order to improve their safety and security operations. 

Wearable Alert-Activation Button Enhances STANLEY Guard Personal Safety App

            STANLEY Guard, which was announced earlier this year, is a personal safety and security response solution that allows a user to signal authorities if they are in a state of duress, creating an incident, and sending the alert — along with audio and video recordings from the user’s mobile device — to their Security Operations Center (SOC).  The newly released alert-activation button was developed to enhance a users’ accessibility to the STANLEY Guard personal safety mobile app, providing safety to individuals while walking, jogging, swimming, working in remote locations, or other activity.  This enhanced feature is a wearable button that allows an employee or student to discreetly activate a STANLEY Guard alert without having their mobile device in hand.  

            The alert-activation button is paired with the user’s mobile device via Bluetooth, is water resistant up to one meter, and has a built in battery life of over six months. Only slightly larger than a quarter and weighing 0.3 ounces, the button can be attached to clothes, a backpack or purse for easy access, or can be placed on a pendant, key chain or wristband. 

Anti-Skimming Stand-Alone Solution: Offers Both Detecting and Jamming Protection to Safeguard Consumer Data

With ATM compromises in the U.S. rising 546% from 2014 to 2015, and non-bank ATMs accounting for 60% of all compromises according to FICO, STANLEY Security introduces an Enhanced Card Security (ECS) 4-in-1 stand-alone anti-skimming solution to help safeguard financial institution ATMs, remote ATMs, fuel stations, convenience stores and more.  The anti-skimming solution, recent winner of 2015 BankNews’ Innovation Solution Award, uses duel photo-sensing technology to detect foreign objects, sense light, reflection and movement.  While many other anti-skimming devices have detection, the ECS4-in-1 solution offers both detection and jamming protection and is compatible with all major OEM-ATM brands.

Using the anti-skimming solution’s 5-cycle verification process, the device determines the presence of a potential skimmer, all while jamming the card data signals, thus incapacitating the card-reading capabilities of the skimmer.  The device logs pertinent data in order to assist with investigations.  Now users can better safeguard consumer data and have more confidence in their business, all while further protecting their brand reputation.

To learn more about these innovative STANLEY Security solutions, featured at ASIS 2016, visit STANLEY Security’s booth #2001; and for the entire suite of STANLEY Security’s wide array of security solutions, please visit

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