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We’re building StoreKit to be the go-to source for small and medium size business owners and buyers to find, compare and buy POS and payment products/services. We want to bring transparency and genuinely helpful advice to an industry has often lacked it.

We’ve partnered with over 30 of the top industry leading POS systems, evaluating each thoroughly to find the best system for different business needs. We have strict criteria for our POS and payment partners to be recommended, 24/7 support, transparent pricing at a minimum.

storekitWhat we do:

EPOS Systems: We’ll work with you to find the best EPOS system for your business. Every business has different needs and using our recommendation engine and expert advice we can suggest the best options that fit both your budget and requirements.

Payment Processing: Comparing payment processing services is a notoriously difficult exercise, with complex quoted rates and hidden charges common. We’ve built interactive calculators to take the complexity away and provide you with a real monthly cost and can work with you to understand existing contract terms.

iPad POS Software: We’re big advocates of the newer generation of POS companies; cloud-based reporting, non-proprietary hardware and the stability of the iOS platform are only a few of the many benefits. You’ll also get access to easy integration with other leading, cloud-based products like Xero, Shopify, etc.

We’ve helped hundreds of merchants compare and buy POS products since our launch in early 2017 and bring considerable industry expertise, get in touch for free advice.

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