Stylyze Raises $890,000 in Seed Funding to Help Customers Shop With Confidence

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON–(Marketwired – Aug. 18, 2015) – Stylyze[1], a personalized discovery platform that uses color and style to help people create their personal lifestyle brand and shop it with confidence, is proud to announce it has successfully closed a seed round of $890,000.

“Stylyze is creating game-changing technology in the eCommerce space — transforming how brands interact with their customers and enabling shoppers to have a truly personalized and meaningful experience,” said Ken Block, Chairman of Block and Company Inc. and founding board member of butter LONDON. “I’m really excited to see how it will grow with this infusion of capital.”

Stylyze’s personalized discovery platform takes the guesswork out of online shopping by helping people find and coordinate products they love. It does this by mapping the color and style fingerprints of products and customer tastes, and enables its retail partners to offer personalized recommendations to customers that show a product of interest in coordinated looks called Styleboards. With a soft launch slated for this month, Stylyze has already secured partnerships with innovative decor retailers including Burke Décor, Apt2B, and Brewster Home Fashions.

As a women-founded and majority women-owned company, Stylyze marks an important time in the Seattle tech scene as more women are playing bigger roles as founders, executives and investors. “Stylyze is a great example of the innovation and leadership that women are bringing to technology,” said Natalie Angelillo, founder of Swopboard and Stylyze Advisor. “Stylyze is a big idea that will inspire other women to enter this space. I am excited for what the future holds.”

“We see the success of this seed round as a vote of confidence from industry leaders in our vision for changing the eCommerce landscape for retail brands and customers alike,” said Kristen Miller, founder and CEO. “This funding will enable us to launch our B2B platform, innovate and iterate quickly and expand into new markets. I’m very excited for what’s next for Stylyze.”

“This additional funding will help us take our platform to the next level by offering shoppers a fun and engaging way to shop online while allowing brands to increase sales and strengthen brand loyalty,” said Lisa Perrone, co-founder and Creative Director. “Having the support of such notable business leaders as investors and advisors reflects the long-term potential Stylyze has to transform the eCommerce space.”

With the official launch happening in Fall 2015, other features in the works include Stylyze mobile; affiliate programs for retail partners; and additional data reporting on color and style trends to equip retailers with new insights to better merchandise their catalogs and understand customer preferences.

For more information, please visit:[2] or follow Stylyze on Twitter[3] and Facebook[4].

About Stylyze

Stylyze[5] is a personalized discovery platform that uses color and style to help people create their personal lifestyle brand and shop it with confidence. Its personally styled approach takes the guesswork out of online shopping to help people find and coordinate products they love. The company’s mission is based on the belief that everyone has a unique style and discovering products to express it should be fun and easy. Its current retail partners include Burke Décor, Apt2B, and more.


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