Survey Finds In-Store Shopping Most Satisfactory For Consumers

Although more consumers are making purchases through their smartphones, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are satisfied with the experience.  According to a recent survey of 1,000 smartphone owners and 50 major retailers by to determine customer satisfaction, it was reported that shopping satisfaction through mobile phones was reported at 47%; desktop shopping satisfaction was reported at 56%; and store shopping topped the list at 60%.  Therefore, consumers are having the best experience when shopping at the store level even though they use their smartphones to research the sale prior to entering the store to check price, product availability and store location.

According to Kristin MacMillan, President of Imprint Plus, makers of customized, personalized and reusable name badges, “Brick and mortar stores have the distinct competitive advantage of offering the customer something that online cannot – and that is a personal customer connection and engaging experience.”

The best way to make an in-store shopping experience more personal is to start a conversation with a customer and create a personal connection.  The interpersonal experience adds to the overall shopping experience.

“One simple and easy way to achieve this is through a customized name badge with a message. By adding a short message about the sales associate on a sign or name badge, such as ‘I am attending Grad School’ or ‘I love mountain biking’ or ‘I rescue dogs,’ is all you may need to start a conversation with your customer.  A personal conversation can be the beginning of a lasting connection that will keep bringing a customer back to the store.”

Getting to know the shopper makes for bigger sales and repeat store visits.  Listening and asking what the customer is looking for will make the experience more productive and meaningful for the customer. This is something that the Internet just can’t do!

“Interpersonal experiences are not possible if the sales associate and customer find it difficult to start a conversation,” adds Ms. MacMillan. “And that is exactly what a name badge can do – make an introduction, create a connection and then start the conversation.  The more you know about your customer, the stronger the connection.”

Customers buy from people they can relate to – so it is important to reveal something about yourself – hobbies, country of origin, where you went to school – that is relatable.  Obviously, avoid sensitive and inappropriate topics, such as religion and politics.

Any clerk can ring up purchases efficiently and send customers on their way. A true salesperson will seize the opportunity and create a valuable experience for the shopper and the store. In-store selling gives salespeople a chance to engage, connect, and differentiate his or her store from all the other options.

Imprint Plus manufactures an assortment of reusable name badge and signage systems suitable for all sizes of organizations — ranging from customized company name badge systems suitable for 1000+ employees; to The Mighty Badge Kit, perfect for the small to mid-size businesses with 10+ employees; to YouWho name badges in two- and four-unit kits, starting at $25. Imprint Plus provides a multi-language version of its own Microsoft Gold Certified design software, Name Print Graphics (NPG”). For information on name badge and signage systems, visit,, or

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