Survey Results: Who Is Seeking New Point of Sale Software


A point of sale survey recently conducted by Software Advice, a firm that compares POS technology, has turned up some unexpected results that speak volumes about the state of retailers today, including the fact that a number of establishments are still running on DOS based systems.   DOS was popular in the 1980s and was largely phased out by 1995 – almost 20 years ago – as Microsoft Windows became more widely accepted.  

The most common reasons given for wanting to upgrade or install new Point of Sale software included lack of functionality of the current system, a desire to implement a loyalty program, wanting better integration between the POS and other systems or equipment, poor vendor support (I would imagine some of those vendors are long gone) and not having a POS system at all. 

Chart 1: Reasons for purchase: 










 Chart 2: Top requested functionality:











The sample was mostly comprised of small specialty retailers.

“Seventy-seven percent reported operating one store and 18 percent managed two to five stores. Only about 5 percent of buyers in our sample were evaluating software for retail operations consisting of six or more stores.  Furthermore, a combined 68 percent of buyers we spoke to were evaluating software for use in a specialty retail shop: apparel and fashion (20 percent); liquor store (9 percent); sporting goods (5 percent); and all other specialty retailers (41 percent). Other top segments included restaurants and bars (13 percent) and consignment shops (12 percent). “

Chart 3: Buyer size by number of stores:










 Another fascinating trend was that the number of users interested in cloud based software was declining.  This is in spite of the tremendous expansion of available cloud based POS software systems in the last 24 months.  Traditional “on-premise” systems are re-gaining popularity. 

 Chart #4: Preferred deployment:








  For even more information, other interesting charts, and to see the complete survey results please visit the Software Advice website.

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