SVM’s Gift Card Ordering Technology Leads to Advances in Fraud Prevention

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill., Oct. 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — SVM, LP, a pioneer in individual and bulk gift card fulfillment serving businesses for more than twenty years, has unveiled an enhancement to its proprietary software, VCNet. With this latest version of VCNet, SVM continues to deliver on its promise to be the most reliable gift card provider in the B2B marketplace by continually investing in fraud protection and prevention. The continual investment of time and resources has strengthened SVM’s ability to verify order legitimacy, stopping more than 11 million dollars in fraudulent orders from shipping out since the creation of the tool.

The fraud prevention mechanism lies within SVM’s long-standing order fulfillment software, VCNet, a proprietary technology that has been the backbone of the company’s fulfillment operations for years. What is unique about the software is its ability to grow as business grows and drive new industry standards. As the prepaid industry continues to fight back against hackers and organized crime, SVM has stepped up as a leader and partner in the fight.

“Fraud has the potential to be very damaging and disruptive to our customers, clients, brands and the entire supply chain,” explained Julie von Rohr, Vice President of Operations. “It is critical that we stay ahead of the latest developments to reduce fraud in every possible way.”

In addition to the technological advances, SVM’s new world-wide headquarters is a purpose-built facility that was designed around our fulfillment services. The fulfillment team—which is charged with harnessing the power of VCNet—is comprised of program managers and customer service representatives with decades of fulfillment experience. While some card aggregators move towards automation, SVM’s scalable fulfillment solutions continue to deliver verified orders with an accuracy rate not seen in our industry, especially when using automation.

“Since our founding, we have stressed being a reliable provider,” said John Driscoll, Chief Information Officer. “Our model matches scaling and redundant technology with people to create industry leading service levels for order accuracy, efficiency, and fraud mitigation.”

SVM’s ongoing commitment to upgrading its internal and external technologies doesn’t stop at VCNet. The industry is changing at a rapid pace, and SVM embraces the role as a leader of innovative solutions. In order to remain the most reliable provider of prepaid cards and services, SVM makes the necessary enhancements to keep the company on the leading edge of the business-to-business gift card marketplace.

About SVM

Founded in 1997, SVM is a global leader in providing innovative gift card solutions for businesses. SVM is the only company that offers gasoline gift cards from every major oil company in America, as well as over 250 of the most popular retail brands, restaurants, service companies, hotels, and prepaid cards. SVM’s products are used by leading incentive, rewards, loyalty and other companies to incent and reward their customers, employees, and prospects. For more information on SVM, please visit

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