Tablet Computers and Mobile POS Make Headlines at NRF in New York City


Industry professionals flock to Retail’s Big Show (the National Retail Federation’s Annual Convention and Expo) each year, immersing themselves in innovative products and solutions designed to improve the retail experience for both customers and workers. And NRF 2012 is no different.

As consumers have more and more avenues when shopping, including preliminary in-store price checking followed by online purchasing, brick and mortar outlets must find a way to exert a stronger pull. And that means optimizing the in-store customer experience using a variety of strategies.

With that in mind, here are some recent entries from the point of sale (POS) side that you’ll find at the NRF, including tablet computers and mobile point-of-sale hardware and software solutions that will give retailers an edge.

Motorola Enterprise Tablet Computers

Demonstrating why “The Experience is Everything” for retail customers, Motorola showcases several new tablet computers, including the ET1 Enterprise Tablet (pictured above) and the MC2100 Series Mobile Computer, and RhoElements, a web-based application development framework, used to create apps that look and act the same regardless of the device.

Designed to enhance the retail shopper experience, the ET1 offers durability and security from the warehouse to the front of the store. Created with the enterprise in mind, this flexible tablet computer helps employees push inventory from the stockroom to the showroom, moves customers through the buying process, and even serves as a mobile POS device.

And the MC2100 Series mobile computer integrates top-of-the-line bar code scanning performance in a lightweight, durable case that can be easily used with one hand. You can even enable the push-to-talk (PTT) feature for group broadcasts.

RhoElements helps you build HTML5 web-based applications that will operate Motorola tablet computers running Microsoft Windows Mobile, Windows CE, or Android. Get ready for additional operating systems and compatibility with non-Motorola devices in the near future.

Panasonic Mobile and POS Solutions

A provider of tablet computers well-suited for the retail environment, Panasonic’s new Toughpad line (with the A1 shipping this spring) offers plenty of ways to enhance the customer experience by untethering employees from the sales counter. While at the NRF, Panasonic also plans to showcase POS register terminals, LCD and plasma digital signage, along with their current group of Toughbook mobile computers.

INSIDE Secure and NFC For Retail

Another NRF attendee, INSIDE Secure plans to showcase proprietary near field communications solutions designed for retailers large and small. With more and more markets turning to NFC technology as a convenient way to use consumer electronics devices for payments and retail commerce transactions, INSIDE Secure continues to move this emerging technology toward greater market adoption.

ECRS Mobile POS Debuts at NRFECRS_credit_hp_screen_72

With the flood of tablet computers to the market, retailers may be wondering about the compatibility of POS systems with these mobile devices. ECRS fills that gap with the robust mobile CATAPULT point-of-sale system (pictured right). Without compromising functionality, the solution carries nearly all the features of the traditional POS. Visitors to the ECRS booth at the NRF show can demo the mobile POS on two different tablet platforms, each with a bar code scanner and a card swiping device.

If you’re attending the NRF in person or just taking in some of the presentations virtually, you’ll find plenty of new tablet computers and mobile POS solutions to keep you busy.

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