Take 5 Minutes to Protect Yourself with Free Credit Card ID Theft Alerts

Editor’s note – this press release is from MasterCard, but it applies to all major credit cards – sign up for instant alerts everytime your credit card is used. No suprises that way!  Do it with your debit cards as well, so you’ll know instantly the next time a crook steals your PIN and starts emptying your bank account. 🙁 


PURCHASE, N.Y. – Sept. 16, 2015 – Five minutes is all it takes for fraudsters to wreak havoc with your personal and financial information. That’s why, starting today, MasterCard is launching its “Take 5 to Protect Yourself” initiative, a campaign to encourage cardholders to fight fraud by taking just five minutes to sign up for MasterCard ID Theft Alerts™. The “Take 5 to Protect Yourself” campaign is the latest in the company’s ongoing commitment to protecting consumers’ financial and personal information. Signing up takes less than 5 minutes, less time than it does to apply

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