Tap N Go at Point of Sale Poses Security Risk

RFID hackers

Tap n’ Go at Point of Sale

Banks and credit card companies are doing their best to push the tap n’ go RFID payment solution which allows customers to pay with their credit cards simply by waving their card in front of a special scanner. The idea is that the convenience of RFID will inspire customers to use credit over cash.

Unfortunately, this convenient solution poses a risk to the security of our credit card information. A mildly ambitious hacker can purchase a reader online for around $10 that will allow them to get your credit card information simply by passing the device near your wallet in an elevator or other crowded space. Click here for a video I found that demonstrates this.

Companies are emerging to combat this risk. Among them is SmartMetric, Inc., who just announced that its patented biometric SmartCard is the highest security solution for the electronic pick pocketing dilemma caused by contactless RFID technology.

C. Hendrick, SmartMetric President & CEO stated, “Stored inside our secure SmartCard card is the world’s smallest fingerprint reader. Simply touching the surface of our card activates the card allowing you to now securely buy online or at a point of sale retail merchant. Your sensitive information, such as credit card number, billing address and shipping address is stored inside the card; only your fingerprint can unlock this information. The SmartMetric card allows the user to securely carry his or her card on their person without any risk of electronic ‘pick pocketing’ from thieves. Not only is the technology 100% secure and 100% reliable, but it simplifies the entire process of identity authentication since no central fingerprint database is required. Everything that’s needed is on the card itself. No personal data can be transmitted ever without the cardholders express authentication.”

But until solutions like the SmartMetric card are widely implemented, your best defense is a stainless steel wallet. Who knows, maybe Louis Vuitton will debut some in the Winter line?


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