Teamwork in High Volume Convention Bookstore: Case Study

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With over 18,000 attendees at the 2012 AIA Convention and the gift store positioned just at the entrance to the convention hall, a system that was able to handle thousands of sales daily was absolutely vital. Located in Washington, D.C., the American Institute of Architects (AIA) has been the leading professional membership association for licensed architects, emerging professionals, and allied partners since 1857.

AIA brought in Teamwork Retail for their point of sale system needs after a retailers worst nightmare came true during their 2011 convention, the POS systems went down in the bookstore and countless sales were lost.

At the 2012 AIA Convention the bookstore was abuzz as usual as a popular stop for the 18,000 attendees to shop for books, t-shirts and other souvenirs of their trip. The highlights included book signings by famous authors, including Pulitzer-prize winner David McCullough as well as the group who designed the new World Trade Towers.

During the book signings, many of the authors drew crowds so fast that the designated 300 copies sold out in less than one hour. The line for autographs was hundreds of people long and many days saw over 4,000 items sold at POS. Total retail sales for the convention were almost $150,000 (in four days).

During the peak of the David McCullough book signing, with about 200 people waiting in line to buy his book and have it signed, Laura from AIA pulled our Teamwork Representative to the side and said (paraphrased):

“Look at this line. You see how many people? Last year, during a book signing, it was just about like this when all of a sudden…. bam. The whole POS system went down. We could not ring up any sales. Two hundred people were waiting to buy, and we couldn’t sell them anything. It was a disaster.”

Due to the nature of the periodic events, AIA store typically only staffs about 3 people. For the convention, the registers are run by staffers from a temp agency (we have five registers going at all times, with more staff working the floors). The staff are competent, but most of them had NO retail or POS experience. Regardless, we had them ringing sales like a well oiled machine from day one. They all commented on how easy it was to ring sales in StoreOps. We literally had people who had never worked at a register before scanning items, taking payments and bagging within about 30 minutes of arriving!

In 2012 after implementing Teamwork Retail the AIA convention bookstore experienced
NO outages, NO down-time and most importantly NO lost sales at Point of Sale!

Another bit that stuck with our on-site Teamwork representative was what an impressive organization the AIA is. They are very proud of the work they do, and of their history of the organization. As a group they play a major role in very literally shaping the physical aspects of our society. Every city skyline looks the way it does because of the work of architects. This is magnified by the convention being held in Washington DC. DC is the home of the AIA organization, and is a city that is particularly known for its unique plan. The AIA is located in downtown DC, one block from the White House. They are rightfully very proud of their group and of their city.



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