Ten Restaurant Technology Blogs We Love


Whether you’re an experienced restaurateur or just getting started, it is vital to stay on top of the newest trends and news in the restaurant industry. We picked our top ten favorite technology blogs to get you started!

1. Sterling Paymentsmore technology based 

Sterling Payments offers the newest electronic payment solutions to a variety of industries so their blog doesn’t just include restaurant technology insight. Sterling’s experience with a variety of industries brings tons of different types of articles to their blog! Even though they work with a ton of industries, you can specify “restaurants” and can find everything from improving customer engagement to understanding the difference between EMV, tokenization, and encryption.

2. Lightspeedfun and serious articles

Lightspeed’s blog offers the latest articles on everything from customer loyalty, to social media tips, to case studies. That’s what intrigues me about Lightspeed, they cover everything and no topic is off limits (What your restroom says about your restaurant)!

3. Yelp Reservationsgeared towards strictly restaurateurs, manager friendly, human resources department

Yelp’s blog offers readers their personal achievements as well as advice on your employees, customers and your restaurant in general. They haven’t blogged in a couple months but don’t let that stop you from missing out on “The Dos and Dont’s of Food Photography” and “How to Effectively Motivate and Retain Your Staff.”

4. Lavu – Point of Salebest for marketing department, food trends

Lavu’s blog is very reader friendly, giving you the option to read from the success, management, industry news, trends or technology tabs. They keep the blog updated by blogging every couple days to stay on top of food trends such as the knowing the top summer fruit. They also can help you market your restaurant by standing out on social media and managing TripAdvisor to attract tourists.

5. POS-Advicearticles from industry experts, helps with decision making process

If you’re new to POS software or just looking for a new system, POS-Advice has every part of the decision making process covered. They even feature articles from industry experts to keep you updated on the newest technology and trends. Check out why “Mobile Payment Migration Keeps Improving” or find out how to “Negotiate Your Restaurant POS System.” Don’t miss out on how gift cards can benefit your restaurant either! This is a one-stop-shop for all your Restaurant POS technology information.

6. Restaurant Managermanagement focus

Restaurant Manager provides readers with articles that are for the true restaurant managers. Their articles focus on more of the managing the technology side of a restaurant than with the marketing and human resources aspect. They specialize with tips on the focus of the needs of a restaurant manager such as a data security breach and utilizing real time data.

7. CAKEmarketing, human resources, technology, industry trends

From the front to back of the house, CAKE has you covered with articles for all your technology, management and marketing needs. Check out “Tips for Training Restaurant Employees” or “Social “We” dia: Building Restaurant Communities Using Social Media.”

8. Thrivepizza and delivery

For all those pizzeria managers out there, Thrive is the blog for you. Their blog specializes in pizza parlors and delivery articles. They cover everything from loyalty programs, to staffing, to crushing your pizza delivery competition!

9. ReventionPOS case studies

If you’re wondering how POS affects real businesses, look no further than Revention. Revention provides real life examples of how their technology benefits their clients. They give readers insight on how the right point of sale system can revolutionize your business and provide the right resources needed. They offer real life POS examples from huge chains such as Hungry Howies and Popeyes.

10. Upservefun trends, managing, marketing

Upserve serves up an article at least daily! They got you covered for every aspect of your restaurant whether it’s your social media marketing plan, to tech tools that improve customer service, to tabletop POS systems. They even share dog friendly tips and summer menu ideas for your wine list!












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