The A – Z On How To Be a Better Manager or Owner


Here is the A to Z to being an even better store owner or manager. Which one or two most applies to you?

Attention to the customer is more important than anything. Period.

Be on the floor during peak hours.

Check your ego at the door.

Delegate operational areas so you can spend more time leading your team.

Energy and passion are your most effective tools.

Focus your team on achieving daily goals and the month will take care of itself.

Go first when you introduce something new in the store. People learn from watching you.

Humor is a great way to manage your team – as long as it’s in good taste. Remember, what’s funny to you may not be funny to someone else on your team

Interview potential employees as if your future depends on it.  Most of the time it does.

Just because you think something doesn’t mean you should say it. Think before talking.

Knowledgeable employees are vital to a store’s success. Your role is to provide knowledge in an easy to learn, easy to apply method.

Lead by example with every customer encounter.

Meeting one-on-one with each staff member every month keeps communication open and positive.

Never put off a difficult conversation with an employee unless the time truly isn’t right. Waiting rarely makes it easier or better.

Optimism is a must for a team to achieve their goals.

Practice makes perfect. Roleplay with at least one employee every day. Remember, go first.

Question your staff on regularly about how you and the store can improve. Be open to their suggestions.

Respect people’s privacy. As a manager or owner it’s inappropriate to share knowledge about one employee with another unless there’s a real need to know.

Stress out at work and your team stresses with you.  Remain upbeat and positive and your team remains upbeat and positive.

Time is the most valuable asset you have in a day. Spend it wisely.

Use each staff member’s strength to help others on the team to grow.

Values and integrity determine what kind of leader you really are.

We” should be used more than “I” or “you” every day.

XXX words should never be used at the store.

Your development is as important as your staff’s development. You can’t give away what you don’t have.

Zap negativity before it spreads.  Resolve issues or conflicts before they undermine the rest of the team and, eventually, the customer.



dougfleenerAbout the author: Doug Fleener is founder of the Dynamic Experiences Group. He is a veteran retailer with more than 25 years of hands-on retail experience with world-class retailers including Bose Corporation and The Sharper Image. He has also owned and operated his own specialty stores. His new book, The Profitable Retailer: 56 surprisingly simple and effective lessons to boost your sales and profits published by Acanthus Publishing.

Doug is now president and managing partner of Dynamic Experiences Group LLC, a Lexington based retail consulting firm dedicated to helping retailers create unique customer experiences that results in higher sales and profits.  Learn more at or call Doug at 866-535-6331.

Fleener also shares his knowledge of experience based retailing in a series of custom key notes and workshops designed for stores, businesses, corporations, non-profits, and trade associations of all sizes. His casual style and quick wit make him not just a crowd pleaser but also an incredible motivator, encouraging people to take action and deliver extraordinary experiences to customers and employees alike.  Learn more at


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