The Best Mobile Receipt Storage Solutions This Tax Season

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It seems like tax season was just here, but it is already that time again. Many people dread having to go through and sort shoeboxes full of receipts and financial documents just so they can file their tax returns. Mobile receipt storage solutions are a great way to get your receipts organized by using your mobile device or computer. Mobile receipts storage solutions can save you time and effort, since it greatly simplifies the process of organizing your receipts. Digitizing your receipts allows you to easily search and access your documents. Mobile receipt storage solutions also eliminate the need for printing so you can save lots of trees.

Take the headache out of the tax season with these mobile receipt storage solutions.

Siftsort is a free web-based mobile receipt storage solution that allows you to sort and store your important financial documents. You can securely access your documents via mobile device, computer or fax machine. You can share your information with family members so that all the documents of a family are in one central location. Siftsort’s smart folders allow you to easily name, tag and file a document by dragging and dropping your file into a folder. You can also use templates to help you create records quickly. You can share you email address or fax number with your accountant, doctor and other professionals so they can easily share data with you.

LemonTM is a free mobile receipt app for Androids that allows you to scan receipts using your smartphone. You can also email receipts to your own account. Having an @lemon account keeps your email free from spam and merchant emails. Lemon lets you tag information so you can search for what you need and keep track of your purchases. Lemon converts your receipts into useful data. There are also many useful advanced reports so you can figure out how you are spending your money. You can see your data from either your phone or online through a secure dashboard.

Shoeboxed is a mobile receipt app for Androids, iPhones and iPads that allows you to scan, upload, email and mail receipts, as well as eReceipts and business cards. It also allows you to export data to different financial, accounting and CRM tools. Shoeboxed also has a free PC and Mac application called Desktop Uploader, that allows you to drag and drop PDFs, image files and scanned files. You can create and share expense reports with receipt images. You can also easily export data to your tax-filing program.

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