The Case of the Missing Omni-Channel Strategy

omnichannel strategy

A recent Mystery Shopping study by Kibo indicates that although 87% of retailers do provide product locators on their website, only 35% display the quantity of inventory available.

According to Tushar Patel, CMO of Kibo: “The majority of retailers in our study understand the importance of providing product locators on their website, but most could only display only one of two messages “in-stock” or “available” without any specific information on quantity. Today’s demanding customer is moving fast and furiously when shopping and wants the assurance that items are actually in-stock before they visit the store. Retailers should know better than to force their customers to go the ‘old-fashioned route’ and either call the store or take a big risk in making the trip to the store without sure knowledge of the payout. By offering specific details of inventory availability at a specific store, combined with BOPIS, retailers can more easily capitalize on a customer’s desire to purchase a product right now. This capability will be critical for retailers over the next three months as shoppers prepare their holiday shopping lists and trips.” does not sell products or services.  Please visit the POS Retail software , POS Hardware, Credit Card Processing and POS Hospitality pages (see left side menu above) to find great POS products. Please let vendors know you’ve seen their products here. Thank you. For sponsorship information see the link below on the Footer menu.

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