The Digital Signage Expo is Coming!

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Las Vegas is known for lots of things. Gambling, buffets, magic shows, Celine Dion, gambling, quickie weddings officiated by Elvis, gambling, drinking and—did I mention?—gambling. But here’s something that’s not a gamble—the 2013 Digital Signage Expo, which will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center February 26-28.

2013 marks the tenth anniversary of the Digital Signage Expo, which is “the world’s largest and longest running International Tradeshow and Conference dedicated to digital signage, interactive technology and digital out-of-home networks.” It will feature professionals from a variety of industries, including retail, restaurant, healthcare, education, hospitality and transportation, not to mention advertisers and systems integrators. This year, exhibitors number over 200, and they will be featuring a huge variety of hardware, software and services.

The expo includes a conference, which runs all three days, and an exhibition, which takes place across the second two. The conference will offer educational opportunities such as “Digital Signage in Restaurants: Challenges and Solutions for Fast Casual and QSR,” “Retail Customer Experience in a Digital World,” “Everything You Need to Know About Making Great Digital Signage Content,” and dozens of others. These classes, workshops and seminars promise to be a fantastic resource for any business owner who has questions or concerns about any aspect of digital signage or interactive technology, whether you’re considering implementing digital signage, or you already have and want to take your usage to the next level.

The exhibition aspect of the Digital Signage Expo is of course product-based. Attendees will have the opportunity to see dozens of new products at the New Product Pavilion. A quick and by no means comprehensive sampling of these products: a Freestanding Tablet Display by Armodolio Display Solutions; the ViewStation’s Outdoor Touchscreen Wayfinder Kiosk by ITSENCLOSURES; an Interactive Greeter Kiosk by Reflect Systems, Inc.; and iPad Digital Signage by Nanonation, Inc. The expo promises to be brimming with exciting new technologies that represent the great creativity that is central to this industry. Who knows which of these products will become the next big thing?

The expo also includes fantastic sounding keynote addresses, starting with Wednesday morning’s Looking Forward by Looking Back: A Futuristic Retrospective on the Trends in Display and Digital Signage. Here, Dr. Peter L. Bocko will discuss “an increasingly display-centric, ubiquitously interconnected environment where information access and device interaction blur the lines of information delivery, communication, marketing message immersion and entertainment.” Thursday’s Keynote Breakfast Panel promises to be no less intriguing. Digital Signage 2020: Eyes on the Future will bring together experts who will share “their visions for the future of visual communication and the integration of digital displays in the physical world.”

Registration for the Digital Signage Expo is currently open. You can register at, where you can also find a plethora of additional information regarding the educational opportunities and technologies that will be available at the expo. 

 Written by Alex Mehler

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