The Evolving Landscape of Payment Solutions – And How Resellers Can Help Customers Streamline Their Business

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By Paul Constantine, President of ScanSource POS and Barcode

Nobody enjoys long check-out lines and slow payment service at stores and restaurants. Finding new ways to prevent these challenges and offer enhanced service and support to customers is likely what keeps retailers awake at night.

It looks like a relatively simple process—to check out of a store or restaurant—but, if the payment system is not properly installed and managed, it can slow down service, cost retailers money, and leave customers frustrated.

By way of example, the installation process of a payment system often beleaguers resellers, as they may need to jump through hoops and take numerous steps to get the job done, including ordering the hardware, guaranteeing agreement with the payment processor, shipping the order to an Encryption Services Organization (ESO), and finally, conducting the installation. This oftentimes slow and bureaucratic process weighs on a reseller’s time, costs and peace of mind.

Resellers want to provide their end-user customer with seamless payment systems that ultimately streamline their business, making them more efficient. Not only does a reseller’s offer of a more streamlined payment process further add value, but it also imparts a lasting impression on customers – one that will leave them feeling well taken care of by the reseller. As we can all attest to, a happy customer typically equates to more mutually beneficial business deals and continued success into the future. At ScanSource, we’ve seen the real-life effect of the positive business outcomes that happen when resellers are able to offer their end-user customers the highest-quality solutions and services.

The Importance of a Complete and Customizable Solution

Today, resellers understand it’s not just about selling hardware but also about ensuring that the product, software and security all come together to make the solution work. Whether it’s offering check-out systems, check and MSR readers, payment terminals, receipt printers or software, it’s critical to take a holistic approach in developing payment services. Once this is realized, the comprehensive solution must provide a true end-to-end payment service for the end-user customer, as that is what resellers are looking to provide their end-user customers. In order for a vendor to offer a streamlined service, they must be able to accomplish a wide array of tasks. Being able to complete the service from start to finish is undeniably important for customers looking for the best possible solution; starting with configuration and application, all the way through to shipping.

The team at ScanSource is a great example of how successful this process can be. ScanSource POS and Barcode, through its Payment Solutions Suite, can simplify and improve the payments process. As an ESO, ScanSource can provide everything from configuration and application, key injection (both in-house and remotely), merchant services with PCI compliance assurance, and packaging and shipping to the customer on behalf of the reseller. Offering these services allows ScanSource to lower costs and save time throughout the installation process, which enables resellers to better serve their customers.

Additionally, it’s not one-size-fits-all when it comes to payment services. When selecting a solution, it’s important to make sure it has the ability to be customized to the end-user’s needs. The service must be able to combine the technology of the most highly efficient hardware and software, while also guaranteeing security and user-friendliness, depending upon the specific customer.

The ability to offer customizable solutions provides enhanced value for resellers looking to meet the individual needs of their end-user customers. Solutions should be customized based on whether or not an end-user needs a high-volume retail check-out system, a restaurant seating and host system, a bar payment station for quick and easy payment, or a small profile POS system for smaller retail environments.

At ScanSource, the payment services team tackles every assignment from a vertical-specialized way, meaning that every project is customized to best meet the needs defined by the reseller. The benefits of providing these types of world-class, customizable payment solutions are numerous. By offering electronic payment solutions to their end-user customers, ScanSource resellers are provided a new reoccurring revenue stream. In the past, merchant services, batching and processing were previously handled by third-party companies that received all associated fees. Now, resellers own the process themselves. ScanSource also provides a secure, in-house key injection facility that injects the payment hardware with a network-specific debit key. Resellers no longer have to re-ship terminals to an outside vendor for injection, improving delivery times and decreasing shipping expenses.

The Reality of Evolution in the Marketplace and the Need for Adaptabilityscansource-headquarters

In order to stay ahead in this market and provide the best payment service solutions, vendors must adapt and grow their services and solutions. Vendors must continue to take advantage of the incredible benefits new mobile payment options are offering. Mobile payment processing hardware and services are ideal for retailers looking for a smaller POS footprint and a more personal experience with their customers, and they present incredible opportunities for the future. Knowing that many resellers want to satisfy the needs of growing small business retail customers, vendors continue to enhance their mobility portfolios to ensure the latest technologies are available for the market.

Along with keeping a pulse on the trends in market advancements, it’s also incredibly important that industry leaders keep up with all incoming changes to legislation that impact businesses, especially all items related to PCI compliance. For any payment services provider, one of the biggest hurdles is that of PCI compliance and realizing that, while a device may be PCI compliant, just using that device will not make a customer PCI compliant. Therefore, both the vendor and the customer need to be fully aware of PCI DSS standards. A unique offering at ScanSource is that resellers no longer need to worry about exposing themselves and their end-user customers to the risk of non-compliant POS solutions, as ScanSource manages the oftentimes perplexing details and ensures that resellers are never left in the dark.

When looking to streamline payment services it’s crucial to look at the bigger picture. Resellers must make sure that the partners they select not only offer the required solutions and services, but also provide the ability to individualize requests and educate them on developments within the industry – especially when it comes to PCI compliance and other business-critical factors. Most of all, resellers should find partners that provide the highest quality products that enable them to quickly deliver the best possible payment solutions to their customers.


Paul Constantine serves as President of ScanSource POS and Barcode US and Canada. Mr. Constantine joined ScanSource in 1999 and most recently served as Vice President of Merchandising for ScanSource Security. He also served as Vice President of Solutions and Services for ScanSource, Inc., where he managed the company’s value-added service offerings for resellers in all sales units. Mr. Constantine previously was Director and Vice President of Merchandising for the POS & Barcoding sales unit.

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