The Next RetailNEXT Coming Soon


BVI Networks has announced the release of their next generation RetailNEXT software, a product designed and purpose built as a highly scalable platform that enables retailers and manufacturers to collect, analyze and visualize data about what happens inside their stores. The release will occur a the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Annual “Big Show” 2011, January 9-12, at New York’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. BVI’s booth (#677) will showcase RetailNEXT 3.0 software advancements in shopper behavior metrics tracking in-store foot traffic, display stoppage power, shopper views, and conversion rates. The RetailNEXT platform and its fully automated reporting capabilities continues to lead the pack in providing retailers with essential in-store insights that improve their daily operations and help them manage their business better through real-time monitoring of shopper behavior.

New functionality in RetailNEXT 3.0:

  1. Executive Dashboard  You can now create a personalized “home page” in RetailNEXT that shows you the key metrics you are interested in on a single screen right after you login. These user-customizable “widgets” can report on any data collected by RetailNEXT such as traffic, conversion or sales activity, and even show video from your store or any POS exceptions that happened.
  2. Real-Time Alerts  With RetailNEXT 3.0, retailers can now keep up to date with their store activity in real-time. For example, an automatic alert can be sent to a store manager if there is a spike in shopper traffic, the conversion rate is falling below a preset threshold, or shopper wait times are getting too high. RetailNEXT can leverage your existing in-store communication systems, such as Indyme, to deliver these alerts to a variety of devices including pagers, overhead PA systems, or even your PDA.
  3. Shelf Inventory Monitoring  Using integration with shelf-monitoring technologies such as POSTuning’s ePusher and Ferveo’s ShelfMeter, RetailNEXT can provide insights into how customers are interacting with your products, while helping reduce shrink. And with the new alerting feature, you can now be notified in real-time when your high-margin items are running out of stock on the sales floor.
  4. Employee Tracking  RetailNEXT is known for industry-leading traffic counting accuracy. Now using a combination of video analytic and RFID technology, RetailNEXT can produce even more accurate customer traffic reports that exclude all employee traffic. Also, in conjunction with the workforce management system integration, you can now gain more insights into the effectiveness of your staff.
  5. 360° Camera Integration  360° vision technologies, such as those from Immervision and Mobotix, can replace the equivalent of five standard cameras while providing seamless coverage of the same area at a lower total cost. With RetailNEXT 3.0, loss prevention professionals can now view and manipulate these 360° images in the RetailNEXT web-based video dashboard.

In addition to the above features, RetailNEXT 3.0 also includes a more flexible reporting system and features several performance, scalability and usability enhancements.

“Last year, BVI Network’s booth was a literal show stopper. With their latest features and advancements, I anticipate they will have the most exciting product on the show floor and get another resounding “wow!” from this year’s attendees,” says RetailNEXT enthusiast, Ed Cleary from Retail TouchPoints, “It will be a booth you won’t want to miss!”


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