Time to Get Rid of the Register?


Cash registers at point of sale (POS) are certainly not all in the recycling bin yet, but many major companies are quickly moving to iPod POS cash drawers as their POS checkout and payment solution.

With an estimated 550 million people paying with mobile devises by 2016, shop keepers may want to start planning now for a switch from ka-ching to swipe. Of course, there will always be those consumers who pay in cash, who don’t have a credit or debit card, who want the personal interaction at the point of sale, or who simply don’t have a smart device (gasp!), so the register is far from obsolete.

Some stores have already made the switch. Barney’s New York, Urban Outfitters, JC Penney, Starbucks, Seattle Seahawks, Finish Line, the Apple store, even Wal-Mart have introduced people-less checkouts to their businesses. For some, it’s a cost-saving strategy; for others, a way to tap into the technological mindset of their younger patrons. It’s time-saving for customers; no more standing in line. At one Finish Line’s store, for example, a young jogger paid for her shoes as soon as she had tried them on, still sitting in the chair.

Freeing valuable counter space is another benefit, as well as cost of the equipment. Apple’s iPads with credit-card readers cost around $1,500, compared to $4,000 for a cash register. Additionally, this payment method is akin to shopping on line, which has a comfort level for many consumers. Of course there are pros and cons, but for businesses considering an iPod or iTouch checkout system, here are some to consider.

Square, for example, arguably the largest mobile POS option, chose an iPad stand designed by Heckler Design. Heckler’s full-fledged cash drawer is called the Windfall, and is sold as part of its Modern Shop Hardware line. With a clean, low profile design available in multiple colors including stainless steel, it’s a modern and aesthetic addition to a store’s functional décor.

ShopKeep.com offers a full POS solution as an alternative to Square for Windfall. Their Star Micronics DK-AirCash wireless cash drawer control and receipt printers will be part of a Heckler bundled solution.

The Vasario 1313 cash drawer by APG integrates with tablet, thin or Mobile POS applications. According to a recent company media release, it is ideally suited in retail operations that are looking for a compact solution to integrate into new or existing mobile POS environments. Features include US and Euro compatible till options, black and beige color options, a standard two year warranty, and APG’s 320 (24v) and 420 (12v) interface options.

Merchant Warehouse has partnered with e-Nabler’s eMobilePOS to bring its Genius platform to mobile POS systems and devices. With Genius, eMobilePOS turns the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a consumer-facing POS system that accepts any payment type and enhances customer interaction. The software integrates with existing popular accounting, ERP, POS or proprietary systems, including inventory control and access to real-time sales analytics, and is customizable. Genius also offer loyalty-building incentives and offers.

For more information on Heckler Design’s Windfall, see http://hecklerdesign.com/windfall/; Genius Customer Engagement Platform, visit merchantwarehouse.com/genius; APG Cash Drawer’s Vasario product line, visit http://www.cashdrawer.com.





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