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I was elated when I received my college work-study placement at Meem Library. The lovely, light-filled library, the hushed voices, the books. What could be better, right? I though for sure I had just received by far the cushiest work-study position available. Little did I know that keeping a library in working order is akin to running a fortune 500 company, and given the choice I’d go head-to-head with any CEO before taking on a Librarian: they mean serious business.

A multitude of processes and operations are overseen by a Librarian. One of which just got easier with the help BayScan, a company known for bringing innovation to libraries, and Epson, one of the world’s leaders in point-of-sale technology. The circulations desk’s book reservation process has historically been one involving rubber bands, scrap paper, masking tape and oft-illegible hand-written notes. A tedious process eating up hours of library staff time. This outdated process has been updated with the Epson TM-T88 ReStick solution, which allows staff to print labels which can be safely applied to books without fear of damage or residue. Using the ReStick solution streamlines the book reservation process, cuts back staffing requirements and increases overall productivity at circulation desks.

So far, the system is in place at 10 public libraries. “Since we started using the Epson ReStick printers, we’re checking in 1,200-1,500 more items daily since we don’t have to stop to hand write the holds wrappers,” commented Tim Donaldson, Technical Services Manager at Westlake Porter Public Library in Ohio. “In addition, Epson created custom firmware that enables our circulation staff to print wirelessly and network the printers, bypassing our integrated library system software and allowing us to customize the holds wrappers. We will definitely be ordering more.”

“One of our libraries reports it went from two people taking two and a half hours to check in six boxes to one person taking only an hour and a half for the same work,” said Karla Smith, Automation Librarian at Winnefox Library System in WI. “We can do the labeling so much faster, the slips are readable, no more deciphering poor penmanship, and the patrons must think the hold labels are so professional that they belong on the books – they don’t remove them when they return the books!”

Using MAXStick™ liner-free, biodegradable and recyclable labels with the Epson TM-T88 ReStick, libraries apply temporary labels on books to be reserved. Staff and customers can easily remove or reposition the label without damaging the book.

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