Top 10 Point of Sale Blogs


Our friends at MerchantOS developed this list of Top 10 Point of Sale Blogs, and we wanted to share it with our readers as another helpful resource.

Tracking down the latest news on point of sale software and hardware can be a headache in terms of information overload. To help the harried business owner, here’s a list of the top 10 point of sale blogs out there.

What went into picking this list?

That answer’s easy: the blog had to have more than just company press releases — the blog had to offer the reader insight into the technology or industry. The blog also had to have been updated within the last three months. Google “POS blogs” and you will find interesting sounding titles that place high in the search — too bad most of them are from 2008 or older.

The rundown of the top POS blogs, in no particular order:

  1. Bar Code Blog: Part of The Bar Code News site, this blog posts industry news and tips on how to best use bar code and QR codes in point of sale automation. The site itself is owned by Ebiz Corp., which touts itself as an independent voice with no affiliation or ties to companies in the industry.
  2. Radiant Systems Blog: Even though this blog is run by the Radiant Systems company, it provides posts on a wide range of topics in the point of sale industry and on business issues in general. Users of the site also can post their own items to the blog.
  3. Point of Sale Blog: The Point of Sale News site is the kissing cousin of The Bar Code News and is owned by the same company.
  4. Retail Pro’s Community Blog: Run by the point of sale software maker, this blog is more than public relations for the company. It offers industry news, features and information on issues impacting business of all kinds.
  5. Point of Sale and Transaction Supplies Blog: Put together by the company POS Supply Solutions, this blog looks at issues affecting the retail industry, including counterfeit receipts. The blog doesn’t push a particular brand over another and takes critical looks at products.
  6. The Source Blogs: This site is a conglomeration of blogs on the different aspects of business, including point of sale. The posts can be submitted by industry insiders, but don’t let that deter you from gleaning good information.
  7. Retail. Easy: Yes, this is the exact same blog this post is published on, which is run by MerchantOS. However if the criteria for picking the best POS blogs is used, an objective analysis shows that Retail. Easy. clearly meets the criteria.
  8. OnTrak Software: This company blog does offer tips like how to save money with POS systems. Be ready, though, for the product plugs at the bottom of the posts.
  9. Retail Tech blog: Run by Retail Tech POS Equipment, this blog offers industry analysis and also looks at business as a whole.
  10. J.D. Associates Retail POS Solutions Blog: This blog offers advice for the business owners including how to pick a POS system, how to shop the competition and how to improve retail sales. Since this is a company blog, expect to see plugs for its products.

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