Top 15 Business Management Articles


If you are looking for ways to improve business management or find out how other companies have succeeded, here are some of our top business management articles.

Four Words That Every Business Should Follow

Most retailers know why they are in business, but not all of them how to transform a good sales day into a great sales day. If you are not following this key phrase, you are leaving money on the table. Heeding this directive can make a big difference in every day you serve customers.

A to Z Keys to Successfully Managing Your Business

What does it take to manage a business effectively? Check out 26 alphabetized keys to making the most out of your business. (Letter “T” is applicable to life in general.)

Social Media May Hold the Key to Business Growth

The “omni-channel” has become the hot phrase in business marketing. Driving customer loyalty will take more than low prices and appealing products in the future. Retailers and other businesses must embrace the digital ecosystem to grow. The key to success may hinge on the ability to listen to, engage with, and act upon the feedback provided through social media. It’s all becoming part of a seamless experience for the customer.

Is $75,000 Too Much for a Small Business to Pay for a Domain Name?

The website domain address is a company’s home on the Internet. How much is a good domain name worth? In one case, the answer was $545 million dollars. There is value in selecting the right kind of domain name. See how valuable some recent domain names became.

Should Your Business Email Receipts?

Point of sale systems are enabled to provide emailed receipts to customers. Here are four benefits of emailing digital receipts.

Pricing Ain’t What it Used to Be

There was a time when price was often negotiable. Then fixed pricing came along, providing a level of trust from customers. But the rise of discount stores and “shopping bots” has eroded much of the trust that assured everyone paid the same for the same product. One industry developed a program of dynamic pricing. Now it seems like no two prices are the same. What can a retail business manager do?

The Secret Sauce to Retailing Success? Listen

As customers, many of us have encountered a time where we may have been frustrated with a company we do business with. The worst offense in a bad encounter occurs when a customer feels unappreciated. The lack of an effective customer response policy can sink a small business in this highly competitive, customer-driven environment.

Give Your Customers the WOW Experience

To make a difference in a customer’s purchase decision, small business owners cannot bank on a great product and a good location to remain to-of-mind in a shopper’s head. There has to be a WOW experience that stays with a customer. How does an owner make an impression that will last 24 hours?

Good Barcoding Can Save 31 Days of Wasted Time

Barcodes are known for their capacity to help manage inventory, shipments, fleet movement and more. But an effectively created barcode can also save valuable time for retail clerks. How? Here are some valuable barcode time-saving tips and a link to a free barcode creation tool.

Four Retail Digital Marketing Tactics That Can Drive In-Store and Online Sales

How are retailers using digital marketing to stimulate purchases through their websites and in their brick-and-mortar stores? Four trending digital marketing practices have proven successful over the past several years. Find out how you can leverage the opportunities that leading brands have been successful with.

A Lesson in Sales and Assumptions

Customer-facing businesses like retailers and service providers run into a problem when sales clerks assume they know what the customer is thinking. Making assumptions can put customer loyalty and sales at risk. Here is a prime example of how a customer feels when a salesperson makes faulty assumptions.

Three Reasons Why Pricing Analysis Software is a Good Investment

Price competition is fierce these days. With so much information available to consumers, how does a business keep up with discounting, coupons and other pricing tactics? Pricing analysis software provides three key strategic benefits: 1) guiding price adjustment, 2) timing your adjustments, and 3) finding data for price optimization.

51 Tips for a Better Customer Experience

Are you looking for a simple list of customer experience tactics that work? Check out this easy to read and easy to implement list of customer service wisdom.

Free Powerful Tools for Analyzing Your Competition

To succeed in business these days, you’ve got to know who you’re competing with. Thankfully, there are a number of competitive analysis resources you can use – completely free – that will give you a handle on your competition. And they don’t take a techie to run. You can uncover website traffic data, visitor engagement information, and find out when they release news.

How Retailers can Develop an Omni-channel Experience

Retailers see the need for merging the in-store and online experience, creating an omni-channel experience. But many are still struggling to implement a seamless experience effectively. People, processes and technology are all needed to break down barriers and transform store-only models into a “phygital” brand experience. So how have brands that have made the transition to creating an omni-channel experience changed their operations to support the transition?


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