Top 4 Features That Your Mobile POS Solution Must Have

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Mobile point-of-sale systems hold a great deal of potential for retailers. Not only do they enable increased speed of service and improve the customer experience, they also free up floor space, facilitate the latest data security measures and deliver on the promise of an omni-channel experience that today’s discerning customers demand.

With scores of vendors offering a wide variety of products – with varying form factors and degrees of functionality – it can be difficult for retailers to evaluate these options and choose the right product. Here are the top four considerations to keep in mind as you invest in a mobile POS solution that is right for your business:

Durable: Retailers will need a device that is flexible and can take an occasional hit. With inevitable drops and spills always right around the corner, having a device that can withstand them is essential for a retailer’s ROI. Whether in the warehouse or on the sales floor, retailers should look for a versatile and reliable device.

Accepts All Major Payment: First thing’s first – ensure that the mobile POS device is set up to accept all major forms of payment. With the variety of options available to consumers, operators will need a solution that can accept EMV (chip-based credit cards), NFC (Apple Pay or Google Wallet) and MSR (mag stripe) and online payment options. This will ensure customers won’t be turned away when their preferred payment method is unavailable and will appeal to the tech-savvy crowd that is comprising an increasing portion of the retail customer base. There are a number of mobile card readers that can wirelessly connect to a rugged tablet, like the Toughpad FZ-Q1, to offer both EMV & NFC/contactless payments.

Battery Life: Imagine this. A retailer is experiencing heavy foot traffic during the holiday season and sales are at an all-time high. Retail staff are preparing for the biggest rush of the day – then the battery dies on their mobile POS device. What now? Retailers should invest in a device that offers them a variety of functions throughout the day and is built to last a full shift without stopping to charge the device. In addition, having a user-replaceable battery is a great added bonus that allows staff to quickly switch out a used battery for a fresh one without putting the entire device out of commission to charge. One option to consider might be a model with a bridge battery – this enables the user to switch out batteries without even powering down the device.Panasonic FZ G1 order select

Powerful Processor and full OS: Smart retailers will look for a mobile POS solution that can serve as a “utility player” in their establishment. Look for a mobile POS system that has a powerful processor and an enterprise-grade operating system. This will allow the solution to provide a variety of services beyond payment processing, including product comparisons, inventory management and customer purchase history, among other tasks. This enables associates to create cross-sell opportunities and deliver that unique in-store, omni-channel experience customers now expect.

As the demand for an omni-channel customer experience grows, retailers will need to seek out mobile POS systems engineered to increase management capabilities, operational efficiencies and productivity while boosting sales. In addition, last year’s EMV mandate requires that they upgrade to the new digital payment security system or face penalties. While there are many mobile POS choices on the market today, look for omni-channel retail solutions that include these four key features to maximize your ROI.

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