Top Five Barcode Scanners for Mobile Couponing Under $500

Couponing is here to stay. But instead of using yesterday’s cut-and-save method, today’s consumers rely on retailers to scan coupons from their mobile phones. Businesses that don’t offer this service tend to frustrate buyers eager for a discount.

Historically, small-to-medium-sized businesses struggled to implement technology such as this. Costs for scanners and software were simply too high.

But because of widespread adoption and advancements in 2D technology, manufacturers now offer affordable solutions that enable retailers to easily scan barcodes from smartphones and tablets.

Best buys

We considered price, dependability, and functionality to arrive at our list of the top five scanners. Here are reliable options under $500:

5. Datalogic GD4430 – $330

This dependable Datalogic GD4430 scanner reads most barcode symbologies and supports all common interfaces, including USB. Its omnidirectional scan engine makes it easy to capture images. And its “Green Spot” technology displays a visual indicator so users know that the scanner accurately read the code. This feature makes it great for noisy environments where traditional beeps are difficult to hear. The GD4430 offers both handheld and presentation models and includes a standard five-year warranty.

4. Honeywell Xenon 1900 – $380

The Honeywell Xenon 1900 has one of the most aggressive and quick 2D scan engines on the market. This scanner reads standard 1D, PDF, 2D, postal code, and OCR symbologies, and it offers a healthcare model with disinfectant-ready housing. The Xenon is lightweight and durable, which makes it an ideal solution for retail environments with high-volume scanning.  

3. Wasp WDI4500 – $360

Wasp’s first 2D scanner, the WDI4500, excels at reading barcodes off of computer monitors and mobile phones—even in environments with harsh lighting and glare. This aggressive scanner features a built-in laser aiming guide that ensures accurate reads, even when several small barcodes are close together. This feature, coupled with its five-foot drop spec and ergonomic design, make the WDI4500 the perfect solution for retailers that scan mobile coupons.

2. Motorola DS4208 – $250

Relatively new to the Motorola scanner portfolio, the DS4208 is a reliable workhorse. It scans virtually any barcode in any medium, from paper labels to digital coupons. With blazing speeds, true point-and-shoot scanning, and a best-in-class warranty, the competitively priced DS4208 is a viable option for businesses in every industry.

1. Motorola DS6700 – $280

The DS6700 is Motorola’s tried-and-true 2D barcode scanner. Popular with companies of all sizes, it combines the functionality of 1D and 2D barcode scanners, digital scanners, and document scanners on one device. This feature—along with its low price, durability, and popularity—earned the DS6700 top honors on our list.

Honorable mention

The scanners on our top-five list are corded, which aren’t always best for all environments. Sometimes employees need to move around when they are scanning mobile coupons—which is why cordless 2D scanners deserve mention, too.

It’s true that cordless scanners are more expensive—the cost of freedom doesn’t come cheap! That said, businesses don’t have to spend much more to get a scanner that roams. Here are a few of our favorites, which shouldn’t break the bank:

  • Datalogic GBT4400 – $600
  • Wasp WWS450 – $750
  • Motorola DS6878 – $750

 About the Author

Kyle Gambrell is a Product Manager for SystemID Warehouse, the nation’s leading value-added reseller of AIDC products and solutions for small-to-medium-sized businesses. An industry expert in barcode scanning and mobile computer solutions, Kyle routinely shares helpful information that keeps companies competitive.