TOP Ways to Save in 2015!

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Thinking about turning a new leaf and becoming a bit more frugal now that tax season is behind us? You certainly came to the right place! Here are some ways you can save money on the things you need and use:

1. Research Blogs, Brands, and Retailers for Rebate and Coupon Offers!
Sometimes relying on your frugal family member to find your rebate offers and coupons isn’t enough, and you have to press onward with finding your own deals. Starting out, try conducting more research into different brands and products that will help you get the most for your dollar next year. Coupon blogs, like  ‘The Krazy Coupon Lady’, are perfect places to start, and a quick web search will yield exciting results! If you are using Google, you can make earning rebate deals even easier, by…

2. Take Advantage of More Rebate Offers!
While coupons and flash-sales are a great way to start your shopping lists, there are even more ways to save even after you make your purchases! Most everyone is familiar with rebates (typically mail-in, cash-back offers that corporations offer in order to drive sales and gather marketing information for their brand), but the fact is, rebates are incredibly underused by today’s consumers.

“Between 40% and 60% of rebates are never redeemed,” claims Edgar Dworsky, the founder and editor of That means more than $500 million dollars in refunds go unclaimed each and every year.

With little risk of losing ROI, manufactures offer big discounts on nearly everything, everywhere; from the everyday household items to the once-in-a-lifetime large purchases, online retailers to catalogues. And while it used to take a proactive consumer to seek out these deals, today consumers can simply search deal sites like RebateHero to find the best cash-back deals, even on items they already purchased. Just download the form, mail in your proof of purchase and watch the returns roll in!

3. Set up a Google Alerts account!
Setting up an account with Google will give you access to a variety of applications, each that will make your life — and saving money – exponentially less difficult. With Google, you have access to an application called “Alerts” that can actually conduct its own search queries for you while you’re busy clipping those coupons! Setting up an alert is as easy as going to and typing in a normal phrase you usually search – like “coupons” or “brand-name rebate offers”. These searches are then saved to your account and you will start receiving regular updates about them. Google Alerts is the perfect tool for finding deals and saving you cash, and can also be used for other topics you normally search for. If you’re looking for better ways to find offers, however, you can always…

4. Use Other Online Resources for Savings!
Besides from Google, there is many a resource on the World Wide Web that can and will help make it easy for you to save (and even earn!) more money in the new year! Websites and smartphone applications like Ebates and Ibotta make it easier for you to earn cash back on select products, while sites like RebateHero help you track different products, brands, and retailers to make managing rebate offers easier. RebateHero, and websites like it, allow the rebate process to become nearly effortless by gathering and organizing rebates and giving you powerful tools to pinpoint and track the offers you can really use. Not only are these applications easy to use, most of them are completely free of charge! This 2015, trust the Web with helping you make your purchasing decisions.

Even though prices always seem to be rising, and more money seems to be disappearing from your wallet, there is always a way to save. As we enter into the New Year, it’s becoming more evident that now is a better time than any to start saving your cash! With these tips, you can be sure to make the decision to stay frugal next year and get the most for your buck. Now that it’s easier than ever, make sure you spread the word that rebate offers and savings are making their comeback!



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